A pack of insights about Real Madrid: Zidane may leave, Azar will be sold, they will try to buy Mbappe.

Real Madrid are fighting in the championship race in La Liga, but in the summer the club is in for a big restructuring anyway. This was reported by the Madrid edition of Marca – their insiders about Real Madrid can be trusted.

Zidane can leave. Potential replacements include Raul.

Zinedine Zidane may leave in the summer – Zizou has already had a conversation with Perez. At the same time, the result of the championship race will not affect the decision on the coach – Florentino and Zidane want to come to a common understanding of what the team needs to move forward.

In parallel, there is an insider from Goal.com – sources inside the club believe that Zinedine will not finalize the contract until the end (that is, until the summer of 2022) and will leave in June. There are several reasons: there are disgruntled players in the locker room, and Zizu himself is tired.

A pack of insights about Real Madrid: Zidane may leave, Azar will be sold, they will try to buy Mbappe.

Italian Tuttosport has already announced the substantive interest of Juventus in the coach of Real Madrid. In Zidane they see the ideal option to replace Andrea Pirlo. And Zizou himself, according to Tuttosport, is open to return to Turin.

But while in Madrid they believe that Zidane will remain at the helm for the next season, although they are working on options for a replacement. The main candidate is Raul, who is currently working with the youth team. However, in recent days, information has appeared that Raul is interested in Eintracht.

Real Madrid’s roster also includes Massimiliano Allegri and Joachim Loew. Marca writes that they considered inviting Nagelsmann, Pochettino and Mourinho – but they have already found new clubs.

Who Leaves: Ramos, Marcelo, Bale.

Real Madrid have financial problems – Florentino Perez spoke about this several times. Therefore, a serious cleaning of the composition is expected in the summer.

The club admits that the current core of the team has brought many titles and successes, but this year has shown that the limit of their capabilities is already close – this is indicated by 58 injuries per season and the general fatigue of the players.

Sergio Ramos and Lucas Vazquez have not renewed their contract with Real Madrid – if nothing happens, they will leave in the summer. Other candidates for the exit are Isco, Marcelo and Eden Hazard. They are not included in the plans for the next season, but it will be difficult to sell them due to the fatty contracts.

A pack of insights about Real Madrid: Zidane may leave, Azar will be sold, they will try to buy Mbappe.

According to Azar, a special clarification of Marca – the decision to sell it is not related to the scandal after the Champions League semifinals. The reason is poor play and constant injuries.

Bonus: Real Madrid now have a lot of players on loan – most of them also have no future at the club. Gareth Bale, Luka Jovic, Braim Diaz, Dani Ceballos, and possibly Martin Edegaard (but the Norwegian is likely to have another chance at Madrid) are joining the list for the exit.

Who comes: Alaba, but they are looking forward to Mbappe.

A contract has already been agreed with David Alaba – he will be the first transfer this summer. The main goal of Florentino Perez is also well known: Real Madrid are chasing Kylian Mbappe.

Madrid hopes that Kilian’s desire to play for Real will outweigh, which is why he has not yet renewed his contract with PSG. The current agreement expires in 2022, so Perez is counting on the Parisians to sell Mbappe now so he doesn’t leave for free next year.

A pack of insights about Real Madrid: Zidane may leave, Azar will be sold, they will try to buy Mbappe.

Zidane is also actively involved in the preparation of the big transfer – his departure will greatly reduce the likelihood of Mbappe in Madrid.

Erling Holland is also known as a fallback in case of failure of negotiations with Mbappe. But here everything rests on the amount of the transfer: Borussia wants 150 million euros – Real Madrid simply does not have that kind of money now.

Photo: Gettyimages.ru/David Ramos; REUTERS/Susana Vera, Toby Melville

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