Aaron Rodgers discusses the future of the Jets after the 'forced' transfer of Hard Knocks

The Jets being forced into swallowing the bitter truth of being the 2023 Hard Knocks team clearly didn’t go down well with Aaron Rodgers.

The four-time NFL MVP will embark on a whole new chapter starting this season and he’s seemingly not a big fan of having cameras shoved in his face all year.

Last week, he said on Hard Knocks 2023:


“Look, I understand the appeal with us. There’s a lot of eyes on me, a lot of eyes on our team, a lot of expectations for our squad. They forced it down our throats and we have to deal with it.”

Rodgers was then asked about how long he thinks he’ll be with his new team.

To that, the former Packers superstar replied:

“The Jets gave up a lot for me. So to just play one year, I think, would be a disservice. Now if that one year turns out to be a magical year, who knows?

“But it’s more than that. It’s how my body feels. I’ve made some changes this offseason with some training and diet.

“Body feels really really good. I feel like I’m in a good spot.”

He did add, however, that we should revisit the discussion about how his body feels over the next four months, before stating:

“The way I feel now, I think I could play a number of years.”


Breaking down Jets’ 2023 schedule: When will we see Aaron Rodgers in action in New York in his new colors?

The Jets open Week 1 at home against the Buffalo Bills on September 11. The game will air on ESPN.

After a quick trip to lock horns with the Cowboys, the Jets are back home for Weeks 3 and 4 to face the Patriots and the Chiefs. Week 5 vs the Broncos and Week 6 against the Eagles means Aaron Rodgers will have to work his magic early from Week 1 to give New York some solid ground.


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