Alexander Volkanovski says that Islam Makhachev thought he lost the fight after UFC 284 banger

Alexander Volkanovski has claimed that Islam Makhachev possibly believes that he lost the fight at UFC 284.

After a thrilling back-and-forth affair against Makhachev, Volkanovski made an appearance at the UFC 284 post-fight press conference. At one point, ‘The Great’ stated that he heard someone say that Makhachev asked for a rematch as the Dagestani believed he had lost the fight:

“I’m hearing that he was saying, [I] could be wrong, that he was going back to his corner saying he wants a rematch because he lost. So, that’s funny. I’m gonna jump on that rematch.”

During his turn at the press conference, Makhachev denied Volk’s accusations.

“This is not true. I don’t say that I lose. In my mind, when the fight is finished, I know minimum I won three rounds. I don’t say that I [lost].”

Check out Volkanovski’s comments from the 2:14 mark below:

Check out Makhachev’s response from the 7:26 mark below:

Alexander Volkanovski and Islam Makhachev put on a Fight of the Year contender in the main event of UFC 284. Volkanovski proved that he could hold his own in the grappling department against an elite fighter like Makhachev. The lightweight champion also gave a good account of himself in terms of striking.

The fight was a close affair with both fighters having big moments. In the end, the Dagestani got his hand raised via unanimous decision as the three judges scored the fight 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46 in favor of Makhachev.

The contest was declared the Fight of the Night and both fighters received an additional cheque of $50,000 each.

Alexander Volkanovski reflects on his fight at UFC 284

Alexander Volkanovski believes he made a few mistakes that might have cost him the lightweight title fight against Islam Makhachev at UFC 284. In a backstage interview with Brett Okamoto, ‘The Great’ was asked if he would change anything in the fight if given the chance.

Alexander Volkanovski replied by saying that he wished he had backed his skills more. ‘The Great’ added that due to the possibility of being put in a bad position, he didn’t utilize his skills enough:

“There’s a heap of things. Again, especially now like, because what I mean by backing myself, there’s times where I was, like, even saying in my corner, ‘Oh, he’s not strong. He’s not even strong. So, let’s go now.’ Maybe, he’s baiting me. You know what I mean? So, I gave him that respect… I backed his skill and stuff anyway. I didn’t expect him to be freakishly strong. I tried to tell everyone that first in the week. So yeah, I didn’t try and do things enough, just in case it put me in a worse position and yeah, again, little things like that. That’s why I’m upset with myself.”

Check out Volkanovski’s comments from the 1:20 mark below:

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