Coutinho’s Wag in awe of ‘Aston Villa’s stunning star Alisha Lehmann after newest glamorous pictures

Alisha Lehmann, one of the most popular professional soccer players on social media, became trending on Instagram after she uploaded several photos of her vacation before returning to the field.

Today we will present you three pictures where the Swiss looked amazing in swimsuits.

Lehmann besides being beautiful is very talented, she arrived in the Women’s Super League in August 2018, when she was signed by West Ham United, that year she contributed to achieve the title, but currently she plays for Aston Villa, a club in which she stands out for being very sharp, there are even many clips of her disputing the ball with a lot of claw.

In this postcard we can see Alisha posing on a tree with a flirty brown bikini with labyrinth details in golden tones, this on the shore of a beach in Miami, Florida. In the description she wrote that she had a great time and everything was amazing.
Her beauty is undeniable. Photo: Special.

She is away from her national team for now

In this other postcard we can see her wearing a daring pink swimsuit, with which, lying on the sand, she could show off her shapely legs and her tattoos. As expected, she received hundreds of compliments.
She really enjoyed the beach. Photo: Special.

In terms of her international career, Lehmann earned her first international cap for Switzerland in October 2017 and then scored her first goal in March 2018, against Finland in the Cyprus Women’s Cup 2018. The Aston Villa No. 7 was selected for the Women’s EURO 2022, however, she decided not to play in it. 

Not everything is perfect in your life

In this last picture we see her in a black swimsuit, which is also very cute. She posed for the camera at the edge of a pool. This choice looked great on her and was highly praised.
She is always the center of attention. Photo: Special.

Until recently, Lehmann was partnered with Douglas Luiz, a player on the men’s team; they announced their courtship earlier this year via social media, rumor has it that he was upset that she did a risqué photo shoot.

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