Alisha Lehmann Offered $100K Bag from Adult Subscription Site

Alisha Lehmann is probably more known for her beauty than her actual soccer game and the vice president of an adult subscription based site has taken notice of her looks as well. Women playing sports have often been sexualized for their looks but Lehman has pushed back on that.

The Swiss soccer star has spoken out in the past for women playing professional sports should still embrace their beauty and do things that makes them feel good.

“The message I want to give to people [is] that you can literally be however you want and still play football. Use make-up or do the things you like, do your nails, do your eyelashes, and still play football. It’s not a side you have to pick,” said Lehmann.

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Who Is Alisha Lehmann?

The 24-year-old soccer star joined the Women’s Super League in 2018 after she signed with West Ham United. The forward help lead the team to a Women’s FA Cup final. In January 2021, she was loaned to Merseyside club Everton until the end of the season.

In 2022, Lehmann moved to Aston Villa and scored four goals in 23 appearances in her first season. She will be suiting up for the Switzerland national team in the 2023 FIFA World Cup that begins in August.

She has a little over 12 million followers on Instagram and her pictures usually rack up between 500,000 and 1 million likes.

The Offer

Mike Ford, vice president of media at My.Club, wrote Alisha Lehmann a open letter with the offer. He offered her $100K and $50K upfront to post ‘thirst traps’ type content. The other $50K would go to the league she plays in. Ford considered the offer a win-win for everybody involved. Lehmann would also make money off the subscriptions.

The letter read:

“I’ve noticed you’ve been generating a lot of buzz recently. Men are thirsting after you on Instagram (hello tennis pro Petros Tsitsipas) and news sites are fawning over your ball…skills.Safe to say, you’re officially alongside Olivia Dunne and Eugenie Bouchard as the most popular female athletes right now. Given your growing legion of fan (which will only increase as the World Cup approaches this summer) My.Club – an adult premium subscription platform for content creators – would like to extend an offer to you to create an account and join the site. It totally makes sense at this level of popularity to launch your ‘own club’. You can post training photos, thirst traps and personally field questions from fans and not have to deal with people sliding in your DMs 24/7.”

Alisha Lehmann has yet to make a decision on whether she will accept the offer. She has done some modeling on Instagram for different brands to make extra money outside of her soccer earnings. Alisha Lehmann has did Instagram ads for brands such as Adidas and EA Sports.

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