Alisha Lehmann sizzles in bodysuit for milestone celebration

Alisha Lehmann just hit a significant milestone online with her fans and took to social media to celebrate the achievement with several snaps of herself in a stunning bodysuit.

The 23-year-old soccer sensation rocked the chocolate brown curve-hugging attire with chunky black high-heel boots that hit just below knee level.

She kept her long wavy blonde locks flowing down her back and wore dark eyeliner and lashes along with a light pink lipstick or gloss.

Lehmann was celebrating that she reached 10 million followers on her Instagram page, which many other celebrities dream of getting to and surging past.

The Swiss soccer star’s followers continued climbing within the past few weeks while showing her World Cup support for Switzerland’s national soccer team, who had been playing in Qatar.

Lehmann’s large following and popularity worldwide have led her to endorse products for a few prominent companies, including her appearance in a playful video game advertisement.

Alisha Lehmann celebrates milestone

As she recognized her accomplishment on Instagram, Lehmann was in full celebration mode, sharing five pictures, each with different poses. In several, she was sitting on the hardwood floor with one hand resting on her leg.

Other photos feature Lehmann squatting for a sideways pose, standing up and smiling, or sitting on the side arm of a piece of furniture as she gave a serious gaze toward viewers.

She posed with numerous pink, white, and silver balloons arranged beautifully in the background, as well as large silver “10 M” balloons to recognize the milestone.

Her IG caption included her saying, “10m is just crazy,” and thanking everyone for the support.

“Life is not always easy and that’s the time I need your support, I appreciate everything so much and I thank god for the blessings he gives me. I work hard every day and try to give back the support you all give to me. Thank you for everything, I love you all so much,” Lehmann said in a message to express her appreciation.

Lehmann’s endorsements include Sony PlayStation

With 10 million followers on the Gram, Lehmann can easily promote various causes, services, and products. Among the major companies she’s recently promoted are Coca-Cola and Sony PlayStation.

Lehmann appears in an ad from Sony PlayStation UK along with British rapper Big Zuu, who is well known for presenting Big Zuu’s Big Eats on the Dave network.

The quick video that Lehmann shared on her IG features her and Big Zuu as they play EA’s FIFA 23 video game, in which Lehmann appears as one of the playable soccer stars.

“Now I understand why Dutch people love football so much!  Banging vibes for episode 2… food, football and of course PS5!” Lehmann wrote in her caption, also hashtagging it as “#ad.”

Lehmann referred followers to check out a complete episode featuring her with Big Zuu as they enjoyed the food, football, and “bangin’ vibes.” The entire video is available on Copa 90 YouTube.

The Swiss soccer star, who plays for the Women’s Soccer League with Aston Villa, revealed she was one of the FIFA ambassadors this past October.

With 10 million followers and likely more on the way, Lehmann will probably receive many more pitches from companies to promote and endorse their products.

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