Aljamain Sterling and Raul Rosas Jr. bury the hatchet (Video)

UFC Bantamweight Champion Aljamain Sterling and Raul Rosas Jr. have laid their issues to rest. 

Prior to his UFC 287 loss to Christian Rodriguez, ‘El Nino Problema’ was talking a good deal of trash in a variety of directions. One of the recipients of the brash youngster’s antics was ‘Funk Master’. Rosas Jr. suggested he’d gotten the better of Sterling in training and would be able to do so again in the Octagon. 

Needless to say, Sterling wasn’t impressed. However, following Rosas Jr.’s UFC 287 loss, Sterling tweeted out some words of support to the youngster. 

Subsequently, Rosas Jr. reached out to ‘Aljo’.

“Learning Lessons Man” – Aljamain Sterling On Raul Rosas Jr.

'Funk Master' Aljamain Sterling sarcastically proposes next title shot for Raul Rosas Jr

Sterling recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel regarding his now-squashed beef with Rosas Jr. 

Aljamain Sterling revealed the pair recently trained together and discussed Rosas Jr.’s career and team.

“Talking to Raul was cool, learning lessons man,” Sterling said. “I think he saw the message I put out on Twitter and then, from there, he reached out to me on IG, and I told to come down like ‘Yeah, let’s talk’… I just kind of picked his brain like, who’s he training with? Who’s he sparring with? Who’s in his corner? Who’s his MMA coach?… Let him do the talking, I don’t want to talk too much, I like to listen and almost like let people figure out their own problems by someone else just hearing them out.”

‘El Nino Problema’ confirmed that, once ‘Funk Master’ has finished his camp and competed at UFC 288, the pair will train together again. 

“Today was the first training session with Aljo,” Rosas Jr. said. “I think he’s leaving to New York, but we’re going to be training when he comes back. Whenever, like, I have a fight you know, you know whenever he comes back, that’s when we’re really going to start training together. But I decided to train with him because I felt like I just needed sparring partners, more partners that can give me more competition.” 

At UFC 288, Aljamain Sterling will defend the bantamweight gold against Henry Cejudo. It will mark ‘Triple C’s first Octagon appearance in three years. 

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