Ambitious Michael Chandler plans to fight Conor McGregor at his biggest and baddest

Michael Chandler made his case for being the first opponent that Conor McGregor faces whenever he’s fit to make his return to the octagon. From where he stands in the current landscape of the UFC lightweight division, Chandler believes a fight with ‘The Notorious’ has blockbuster numbers written all over it.

Following his statement-making performance at UFC 274 against Tony Ferguson, ‘Iron’ seized the opportunity to call out the biggest superstar in combat sports in the post-fight octagon interview. The electrifying speech had fans amped up, and the idea of the fight remains firmly in their minds.

Speaking on Conor McGregor’s return and the idea of the fight being a runaway success, Chandler said:

“I believe his first fight back will be me. Makes a ton of sense. I believe that I’ve made myself not just one of the most exciting guys in the UFC but probably the most exciting guy in the lightweight division.”

He further detailed the excitement amongst the MMA community to witness the fight and stated that he strongly believes that the enthusiasm will translate into pay-per-view numbers:

“There’s a ton of talk about it. I can’t go a day without people tagging and posting and talking about me fighting Conor if and when he does come back. And I love the idea of fighting him at his biggest, at his baddest, at his most dangerous at 170lb. He looks big right now… I think we would do staggering pay-per-view numbers and I think he knows that I am the type of opponent that he wants to come back and fight.”

Conor McGregor has confirmed several times that his next fight will be in the welterweight division. His last fight in the weight class was against Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, a fight that he won by TKO in the very first round.

Watch the clip below:

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Henry Cejudo believes Michael Chandler is a good matchup for Conor McGregor

It is undeniable that Conor McGregor will be watching the hotly contested matchup between Dustin Poirier and Michael Chandler this weekend at UFC 281. Despite having the upper hand in the trilogy series, certain sections of the MMA community continue to pit ‘The Diamond’ against McGregor.

With speculations concerning the Irishman’s potential return to the octagon picking up steam, Henry Cejudo weighed in on who would be a more favorable opponent for McGregor between Poirier and Chandler.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Cejudo called Chandler a “better matchup” for McGregor:

“I think between those two, he would have a better shot with Chandler, just for the simple fact that Chandler doesn’t kick. Chandler doesn’t have that kick like Poirier. Poirier can sneak that kick in, I don’t think Chandler can. Conor McGregor’s power cannot do anything no more to Poirier, and Poirier’s power could really damage a guy like Conor McGregor… A better matchup for a guy like McGregor, you have to go Michael Chandler.”

Check out the full video below:

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