Beautiful Tennis Player - Eugenie Bouchard

FULL NAME – Eugenie Bouchard

BORN – February 25, 1994

HEIGHT – 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)


ROLE – Right-handed aggressive baseliner (two-handed backhand)


Eugenie Bouchard, better known as Genie Bouchard, is an immensely popular tennis player from Canada. Bouchard was one of the sport’s breakout stars in 2014, reaching the semifinals or better at 3 of the 4 Grand Slams, and has cemented her place as a fan favorite ever since.

Best finish at each of the four Grand Slams:

Australian Open: Semifinalist (2014)

French Open: Semifinalist (2014)

Wimbledon: Runner-up (2014)

US Open: 4th Round (2014, 2015)

Highest Ranking: No. 5

Style of play

Bouchard is an aggressive baseliner who likes to go for her shots. Standing at or just behind the baseline, the Canadian constantly looks to take time away from her opponents by pushing through the ball off both wings.

Eugenie Bouchard ‘s game is predicated on an offensive mindset, which starts with getting a big first serve in. She also takes big cuts on the return, and tries to keep the points as short as possible.

Strengths and weaknesses

Eugenie Bouchard is not known for her foot speed, but she compensates for that with her ability to take the ball on the rise. She is adept at redirecting the pace of her opponents’ shots, and can stand toe-to-toe with most of the power hitters on the tour.

Eugenie Bouchard has a strong first serve and a decent second serve, and can also finish points at the net with efficient volleys when needed. She can generate good pace off both her forehand and backhand, and is not shy about going down the line with either shot.

Bouchard’s movement and defense are her biggest weaknesses, and she often struggles to find an alternative game-plan when she’s being outhit by an opponent.

Personal life

Eugenie Bouchard was born in Montreal and has a twin sister named Beatrice. In 2006 she and her mother Julie moved to Florida in order to undergo tennis training at the Nick Saviano High Performance Tennis Academy.

Her father Michel was equally supportive of her tennis career, and even set up a partnership called ‘Tennis Mania’ to fund his daughter’s tennis activities. However, the financial model of the partnership was legally suspect, and in 2013 it was barred from laying claim to any of Bouchard’s tennis earnings.

Bouchard returned to Montreal in 2009, and became a certified star within a couple of years of turning pro. She turned heads when she reached the semifinals of the year’s first three Grand Slams in 2014, and was touted to become a dominant force in the years to come.

Bouchrd’s early success combined with her looks earned her worldwide popularity, and she was soon inundated with endorsement deals and modeling offers. While her on-court success hasn’t been able to keep up with her off-court exploits, she remains an immensely marketable player who draws huge crowds wherever she plays.

Bouchard is very active on social media, and has millions of followers on both Instagram and Twitter.

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