Beneil Dariush is expecting to fight Charles Oliveira in may but doesn’t think it will be a title eliminator

Beneil Dariush reveals UFC is targeting Charles Oliveira fight in may, and explains why he believes he will get passed over for the next title shot.

Since Beneil Dariush beat Mateusz Gamrot at UFC 280, he has called out Dustin Poirier and Charles Oliveira as he was looking to get in a number-one contender bout. Yet, Poirier made it clear he wouldn’t face Dariush so with that, the fourth-ranked lightweight contender says he’s expecting to take on Oliveira in May.

“Charles Oliveira, here is the thing I have been having with Charles. The UFC originally was like hey what do you think about doing it in Brazil? Which was last week. I was like can I get a little bit more time, it turns out my MCL was torn, I didn’t know it was that bad. It was before the fight (I injured it),” Dariush said to The Schmo.

“It wasn’t super bad I just had to wear a knee brace. I got it checked out, it is actually torn so I would like to start my camp fresh, can I have a little extra time and do February? They said okay we will do February. February turned into March, March turned into April and now they are talking about May. I’ve been waiting for a while.”

Although many would view Beneil Dariush vs. Charles Oliveira as a number-one contender bout, Dariush thinks he could get passed over again. According to Dariush, he believes with the fight not happening until May, the UFC will want to keep the lightweight division active and announce the next title fight just before he and Oliveira meet.

“It kind of bugs me because I think I might get passed up again. After I beat Charles Oliveira what I think could happen is since we are waiting for so long, they will set up Islam or Volkanovski whoever wins with someone else,” Dariush said.

“They will announce the fight at the same time (of our fight) is what I am feeling. I get the UFC is not a huge fan of me, I don’t talk a lot of crap, I don’t bring in the numbers, at least that’s what they said. With that being said, I’m just waiting to see what’s going to happen, but I wish I had the fight earlier. I would’ve loved to fight in March or April.”

Beneil Dariush is currently 22-4-1 and riding an eight-fight winning streak.

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