Boxing news: Tito Ortiz continues to prove why he should fight Logan Paul next.

Tito Ortiz continues to prove why he should fight Logan Paul next. After he lost to Anderson Silva in their Triller fight, Tito Ortiz challenged Logan Paul to a fight. He continues these efforts, trying to use his mutual understanding with the promotion as a lever to force them to join the fight.

Boxing news: Tito Ortiz continues to prove why he should fight Logan Paul next.

It’s impossible to describe how Ortiz looked against Silva, except to call it awkward. After Tito missed the weight for the fight, he attacked Anderson with careless punches, receiving a counter attack and a knockout at the beginning of the first round.

After this defeat, Tito stated that he should fight his older brother Paul, since they both lost their last fights, although Logan’s fight with Floyd Mayweather was not counted. He doubled down on this, speaking in a recent interview, saying that Thriller should reward him for doing what he was contractually obligated to do, in addition, thanked him for the weight by ordering this fight.

“I’m going to make it happen. Hopefully Triller is listening, I said after the fight this is what I wanted to do,” Ortiz said.

“Anderson was the better man that night, but I did everything (Triller) asked me to do. I tried to get down as much as I possibly could, did all the PR they wanted me to do. I’m a company guy for them, and I tried to help. Return the favor.”

t is frankly hard to imagine that Tito Ortiz would be able to secure a fight with Logan Paul. Even though Jake at least seems interested in fighting real fights, the Paul brothers are in the business of making the biggest fights they can, and a 46-year old Tito coming off of a big loss is not likely to intrigue Logan.

That being said, strange things happen in combat sports all the time, and if they do somehow fight, Tito would have a size advantage. On the other hand, his boxing skills were not very good when he was seen in the ring over the weekend, so the size difference may not matter.

@LoganPaul we lost our last fights let’s entertain our fans!! @triller ASAP” wrote Titio Ortiz

Do you have any interest in seeing Tito Ortiz vs Logan Paul?

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