Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia Predictions

As this weekend gets closer, the boxing community is eagerly waiting to see Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia in a 136-pound catchweight bout in the boxing ring. Both fighters are undefeated with over 20 wins and are confident they will be victorious on April 22. While “Tank” is known for his devastating knockout power, it is Garcia who claims he will finish his opponent early. 

“King” Garcia shared at the Grand Arrival event at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 18 that he will shock fans with his performance. “In a blink of an eye, it will be finished. That’s what’s going to happen on April 22. In a blink of an eye, he’s gone, and everybody will be shocked. Nobody will have anything to say. No words will be spoken. We just have to watch and see. That’s what’s going to happen April 22,” said Garcia.

While he has defeated some fighters by knockout early in a fight, Garcia will face Davis, who could be his most formidable opponent. “King” Garcia can win this Saturday, but giving Davis a quick knockout may not be easy. Regardless, the betting odds are leaning towards “Tank” winning, as he is a -245 favorite, according to DraftKings. It also seems Garcia’s peers in the boxing community believe he will have a tough fight ahead of him. 

Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia Predictions

Fight Hub TV complied predictions from various boxing greats about who they think will win this Saturday’s main event. Everyone that talked discussed the fight shared that they were excited and praised Davis and Garcia for making the fight happen. However, as boxing stars and legends talk about the fight, they believe “Tank” will be too much for Garcia.

When asking Mike Tyson about the fight and who wins, he said: 

“I say Tank, but I think it’s gonna be a good fight.”

When asked if the fight would go the full 12 rounds, Tyson said he didn’t think so.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. talked about the fight and had harsh words for Garcia. 

“Tank got his followers from (bleep), Ryan got his followers from Youtubers. There’s a difference so you want to be a Youtuber or you want to be a fighter. Tank is a fighter.”

Canelo Alvarez shared that Davis vs. Garcia is a good fight for boxing, but when asked who wins said:

“I think Tank has more experience. That’s what I think, but in boxing, you never know.”

When giving his prediction, Vasiliy Lomachenko shared why he had Davis. 

“I think Davis will win,” Lomachenko said. “I think because he’s more aggressive. He’s always fighting with a biggest guy and highest guy, so I hope he will be ready for Ryan Garcia, but everybody knows Ryan Garcia can make only one shot. It’s left hook, that’s it, so I think his team, and he prepare for this.”

Some people picked Garcia. Notably, Oscar Valdez believes that Garcia will shock fans with his toughness.

“I’ve seen him in the gym. You know, he’s not just that pretty boy that everyone thinks he is, said Valdez. He added, “He’s fast, but he has power in his shots. I can see them power shots, and I can see Tank winning too, but I’m leaning toward Ryan.” 

Valdez also believes Garcia can defeat Davis by knockout, as much as “Tank” could do the same. 

While most of the people Fight Hub TV interviewed believe fans are in for a treat, the majority believe Davis will defeat Garcia with a knockout. However, nothing is certain in boxing, and Garcia will have the height, range, and speed that can give Davis his first loss. 

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