BREAKING NEWS Ex-UFC star Jorge Masvidal’s father arrested at Miami home following alleged shooting

Jorge Masvidal’s father has reportedly been arrested after an alleged shooting at Masvidal’s house in Miami, Florida. Masvidal’s father allegedly shot someone during an argument at the house. The incident transpired on Thursday, May 4, 2023.

As reported by Andy Slater of Fox Sports 640, ‘Gamebred’s house in Miami was swarmed with police persons after the incident. According to Slater, a senior law enforcement official confirmed that the UFC megastar’s father was taken into custody after he shot an individual during an argument.

Additionally, Masvidal was not present at his Miami house at the time of the incident. ‘Gamebred’ is believed to have been out promoting his upcoming Gamebred Bareknuckle MMA event, which will take place at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida, on May 5, 2023.

As noted in a report by Fox News’ Ryan Morik, Miami-Dade police got to Masvidal’s house sometime after 3 p.m. ET. Police then arrested one individual in relation to the shooting. Meanwhile, the shooting’s victim was taken to a local medical facility and is said to have been in stable condition.

The argument was purportedly over a domestic dispute. The victim sustained two gunshots to the upper part of their body. The injuries caused by the shots fired were deemed non-life-threatening.

Furthermore, as reported by WSVN-TV, Masvidal himself is not a suspect in the case. However, the individual who was arrested is indeed an older relative of Masvidal.

Moreover, a report by MMA Junkie suggests that the person who was shot during the argument was a male. The report reiterated that Jorge Masvidal wasn’t present at the house during the incident and had no involvement in it. ‘Gamebred’ hasn’t issued a comment on the incident as of yet.

UFC megastar Jorge Masvidal opens up about his retirement from MMA

Jorge Masvidal bid adieu to professional MMA competition and the UFC’s famed octagon after his fight against Gilbert Burns in April 2023. The matchup marked ‘Gamebred’s fourth consecutive defeat. Speaking to ESPN MMA, the 38-year-old Masvidal later explained that age played a significant role in his decision to retire from MMA.

Jorge Masvidal highlighted that he’s still fast, explosive, and possesses good endurance. The MMA icon acknowledged, however, that he experienced a decline in reaction time with age. While he hasn’t closed the door on a potential return, ‘Gamebred’ insinuated that he doesn’t intend to be a stepping stone for younger talent. Masvidal stated:

“There’s just a couple of things that, as you get older, they slow down… I’ve been feeling from 34 to 37 that, in that department and solely in that department, my reflexes and reaction time took a big dip.”

Watch Masvidal’s assessment at 9:38 in the video below:

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