BTS’ J-hope reveals how Jungkook changed his overseas schedule to be there for his enlistment

BTS’ J-hope recently notified fans via his Weverse live that Jungkook had adjusted his overseas schedule to be there for his military enlistment and to personally bid him farewell. For those unversed, BTS’ J-hope will be enlisting in the military as an active duty soldier on April 18 at the New Recruit Training Center Division A in Gangwon-do.

He is the second member of the group after Jin to enlist in the military and it is expected that the other five members will see him off at the base as well.

It looks like Jungkook, who is currently stationed in Los Angeles, will fly down to Korea to bid J-hope farewell. Visibly touched by the Euphoria singer’s kind gesture, J-hope confessed in his live session, “I raised this kid well.”

BTS’ Jungkook might fly to Korea to bid J-hope farewell in person ahead of his military enlistment

BTS’ J-hope revealed that he hadn’t heard the news directly from the artist but from the management and was visibly touched by the maknae member’s gesture. J-hope joked that he is happy that he raised his kid well (referring to Jungkook).

He said:

“Something I was moved by and heard from the management team was that Jungkook’s schedule was already filled but he adjusted it for me hearing that, I thought ‘I’ve raised a kid well’ This is just a joke. I was really touched. He adjusted the schedule, saying, ‘I must go when hyung goes.’”

Additionally, J-hope revealed that he hung out with Jungkook a couple of days prior to him leaving for Los Angeles, knowing that they may not have time to casually hang out for the next couple of years.

BTS’ Jungkook is currently in Los Angeles to reportedly prepare for the release of his debut solo album, tentatively titled JJK1. However, based on J-hope’s revelation on social media, he might fly down to Korea, just in time for his military enlistment.

This is the second time all the BTS members are expected to be reunited after Jin’s enlistment last December when members personally bid him farewell at his military base. At the time, BTS’ V was in Mexico to shoot for his variety show, Jinny’s Kitchen and flew back to Korea for Jin’s enlistment. Similarly, ARMYs feel that Bangtan’s youngest member will arrive in the nick of time to bid J-hope farewell.

Unsurprisingly, BTS fans are elated that the Dreamers singer has adjusted his schedule to meet J-hope in person, one last time before his enlistment.

Based on J-hope’s statement, Jungkook has a lot of pending work and is expected to fly to Los Angeles, California once he bids him farewell.

According to various articles, BTS’ youngest member is currently working on his debut solo album tentatively titled JJK1. If confirmed, he will become the sixth member after J-hope’s Jack in the Box, Jin’s The Astronaut, RM’s Indigo, Jimin’s FACE, and SUGA’s D-DAY to release his debut solo album.

BTS’ Jungkook might collaborate with Justin Bieber on his debut solo album

On April 10, BTS’ producer Bang PD took to his personal Instagram account to upload a picture of BTS’ Jungkook posing alongside Grammy Award-winning record producer Andrew Watt, HYBE America’s CEO Scooter Braun, and himself in a recording studio.

In the pictures, BTS’ maknae member (youngest) can be seen dressed in Calvin Klein denim casuals while posing alongside the group in a recording studio in Los Angeles.

ARMYs are speculating that the Dreamers singer is working on his debut solo album and that Justin Bieber might feature on it. This came after fans spotted the Peaches singer recording a song in a yellow hoodie.

It is no secret that BTS’ youngest member is a fan of Justin Bieber and has expressed his desire to work with him on multiple occasions. At the time of this article’s writing, BIG HIT MUSIC has not issued a statement on the collaboration rumors.

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