Check out fans react after reports of Francis Ngannou's PFL signing

Francis Ngannou’s future in the mixed martial arts world is quite uncertain, with the former UFC heavyweight champion still not signed to any promotion after having left in January.

Recent comments from ONE Championship CEO Chatri Sityodtong have brought the discussion to the fore again. Reports have now emerged that Ngannou has agreed to a deal with the PFL, as revealed by Ariel Helwani and Chael Sonnen.

Fans reacted to the reports, with many stating that Ngannou’s alleged demands were not justified:

“Francis really overplayed his hands considering his highest selling fight is 350k and Jon Jones who isn’t even considered a huge draw averages 550k. Fighters in the Pre-Conor era even sold more, Rashad Evans, Forrest, Penn the goat (you) etc. Penn had 7 in a row do over 400k.”

“Francis lost big time by not agreeing with the offer made by UFC. Now he can fight wherever he wants nobody cares cuz he’s not fighting the best.”

Others also rebuked Francis Ngannou for not being content with competing against the best heavyweights in the world.

“Sad to see you going to the PFL which has the weakest Heavyweight division in MMA. Rather fight cans instead of monsters like Pavlovich and Jones, I get it. Jones finished Gane with ease, Gane took you to a Dec. Padding your record fighting bums won’t help your claim as the best”

“What was the point of all this? To fight a bunch of no names & quietly fade into irrelevance?”

@francis_ngannou Show your work. Francis isn’t a needle mover. The UFC has a huge infrastructure that unfortunately limits fighter pay more closely to what they generate. If he was able to bring in more, he would get more. It’s simple math.”

Other fans backed Ngannou’s moves and his strong-willed terms. ‘The Predator’ previously demanded more autonomy in his contract with the UFC during negotiations and refused to compromise despite the record money being offered.

Jake Paul backs Francis Ngannou against online controversy amid failed ONE Championship deal

Francis Ngannou's coach Eric Nicksick told how the champion recovery is going, can’t wait to work with Ngannou at full speed again

YouTube star turned boxing sensation Jake Paul came to Francis Ngannou’s defense after the former UFC heavyweight champion was not signed by ONE Championship.

Jake Paul labeled Francis Ngannou the best heavyweight mixed martial artist in the world and defended his right to secure the best possible terms for himself. Paul tweeted:

“Funny how promoters always try to devalue fighters for their own benefit/narrative. Francis is the best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world and he deserves to be treated as such.”

Check out Jake Paul’s tweet:

Ever since Jake Paul transitioned to boxing, he has faced off against multiple former MMA fighters and legends including Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley, and Ben Askren. With his increased exposure to the MMA world, Paul has gained a better understanding of the fighter situation.

Paul has actively advocated for fighters’ rights such as better pay, healthcare, and more transparency. ‘The Problem Child’ had plans of creating a union, even stipulating that Anderson Silva would join it if he lost his fight.

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