Check out how Francis Ngannou works on his basics as boxing rumors persist

Francis Ngannou has provided the combat sports community with a look into his ongoing training ahead of his rumored boxing debut. Ngannou was the reigning UFC heavyweight champion at the time of his departure from the UFC in January 2023.

The veteran MMA heavyweight revealed that he could not agree to terms on a new deal with the UFC, which is why he chose to walk away from the promotion. Additionally, he has consistently maintained that his next fight is likely to take place in the boxing ring and not the MMA cage.

The Cameroonian-French athlete has emphasized that he intends to make his professional boxing debut this year. On that note, he has now taken to his official Instagram account to post a video featuring footage from his boxing training.

The 36-year-old suggested that he’s working towards improving his basic boxing skills under the guidance of his striking coach Dewey Cooper. ‘The Predator’ can be seen landing punches to the mitts held by and the body protector worn by Cooper. He also attached the following caption alongside the video:

“Working on some basics with @dcblackkobra”

Watch Ngannou’s boxing training in the video below:

As of late, the combat sports world has been rife with speculation that Ngannou will most likely sign with an MMA organization other than the UFC. Many foresee ‘The Predator’ making his boxing debut next and then joining an MMA organization.

The consensus is that the frontrunners among the MMA organizations likely to sign Francis Ngannou are the PFL and One Championship. However, nothing’s been officially confirmed yet.

Francis Ngannou on a potential fight against boxing star Deontay Wilder

Boxing mainstay and former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has lately been calling Francis Ngannou out. ‘The Bronze Bomber’ has been lobbying for Ngannou to face him in a two-fight deal, with one fight taking place in boxing and the other being an MMA bout. Ngannou has also expressed interest in fighting Wilder.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour earlier this year, Francis Ngannou highlighted that he’d like his next combat sports contest to be a professional boxing bout. ‘The Predator’ further indicated that he’ll likely fight Deontay Wilder next.

Providing a timeline and prediction for their possible clash, Ngannou stated:

“We have had a conversation and at the moment, we are more closer than with anyone else… Hypothetically, [the fight would take place] sometime this summer. Within a big frame, maybe from the beginning or the end of summer… I think somebody will take somebody’s head off. I would just try for it not to be mine. I think that’s probably what’s going to happen.”

Watch Francis Ngannou’s assessment below:

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