Check out how Jake Paul brutally trolls Ben Askren with a photo of his fist and Jorge Masvidal's knee following run in with 'Gamebred'

In the latest of the troll saga of the younger Paul brother, ‘The Problem Child’ decided to band together with Jorge Masvidal to take aim at a former opponent of theirs – Ben Askren.

Jorge Masvidal appeared on the BS w/ Jake Paul podcast, and Paul decided to troll Ben Askren by taking a picture of his hand and Masvidal’s knee. The picture is an obvious throwback to the two fighters knocking out Askren.

Jake Paul posted the picture with the following caption:

“Yo, Ben Askren. [Do] you recognize anything in this photo?”

Ben Askren faced Jorge Masvidal in his second outing with the UFC at UFC 239. While people expected Masvidal to come into the fight guns blazing, one could never imagine that ‘Gamebred’ would knock ‘Funky’ out within five seconds of the opening bell.

Askren, who had never been finished or beaten in his career before, was on the receiving end of one of the most brutal finishes in UFC history.

Following his loss to ‘Gamebred’, Askren fought once more against Demian Maia at UFC Fight Night 162. This time, after three back-and-forth rounds, Askren was put to sleep by Maia via rear-naked choke. Following his second career loss, Ben Askren retired from the sport of MMA altogether.

Skip to 26:50 for Paul and Masvidal roasting Askren:

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