Football pundit Chris Sutton calls for Manchester United star to be banned for disgraceful act against Liverpool

Football pundit Chris Sutton has called for a ban on Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes for his antics in the Liverpool defeat. The Portuguese star was called out for his diving and gestures to the linesman on Sunday (March 5).

Manchester United’s 4-match winning streak came to a crashing end at Anfield. The Red Devils were thrashed 7-0 by Liverpool just a week after they won the Carabao Cup.

Speaking on The Monday Night Club, Sutton claimed that the Manchester United star was embarrassing in the defeat. He called for a ban and said:

“I don’t think this has been highlighted enough. The push on the assistant, I don’t think it’s been highlighted enough. He should be seeing a lengthy ban for that.”

When quizzed if a ban would be a bit too much, he added:

“Yeah, I do! Where does this stop then? A lot of focus on grassroots football and the decline in referees at grassroots level, so if people see that and Sunday League players see that, they will think that’s the norm so where does it stop? I thought that was an absolute disgrace and I don’t think enough has been said about that.”

Gary Neville calls out Manchester United star

Gary Neville was in commentary during Manchester Uniteds 7-0 thrashing at Liverpool and was furious with the players. He claimed that the Portuguese star asked to be taken off and added that he was a disgrace in the second half.

He said on Sky Sports:

“Bruno Fernandes is stood in the centre circle with his arms raised saying ‘Why isn’t it me coming off?’ Honestly, I think some of his behaviour in the second half has been a disgrace.”

Neville added:

“The second-half has been an absolute disgrace, a shambles. They have not been epitomised more than Bruno Fernandes, who has been embarrassing – a shambles – in this game. But I have to say it’s not their usual performance. It’s not their usual spirit and form. Ten Hag will deal with it I’m sure, like he’s dealt with other difficult issues.”

The Red Devils will have to refocus this week as they face Real Betis at Old Trafford in the Europa League round of 16 clash.

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