Colby Covington, with his signature trash-talking, gets called out by fellow UFC welterweight for a slap fighting contest

UFC welterweight Colby Covington is one of the most polarizing figures in the combat sports world. With his over-the-top persona and signature trash-talking, ‘Chaos’ has got many athletes displeased.

Hence, it’s no surprise that the former two-time welterweight title challenger is not short of constant callouts from fellow athletes. However, the latest call out against ‘Chaos’ is unique, to say the least.

In a recent Instagram video, welterweight contender Belal Muhammad asked Dana White to pitch him against Covington in the UFC president’s new slap-fighting league:

“Dana, I’m ready to slap Colby just sign me up (no one was injured in the making of this movie )”

The tongue and cheek video shows ‘Remember the Name’ knocking out PFL athlete Louis Taylor with a slap.

This is far from the first time Muhammad has trolled Covington. He took multiple jabs at the former welterweight title contender after his public altercation with Jorge Masvidal last year.

Seeing as both men are among the UFC’s top 5 welterweights, the duo might cross paths in the octagon soon if not in a slap fight contest.

Dana White’s new slap-fighting promotion, Power Slap, premiered on January 18 on TBS. Although many have expressed their concerns with the controversial new show, according to ESPN MMA, the league has been licensed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission

When Belal Muhammad explained why Colby Covington deserved to get su**er punched by Jorge Masvidal

During the #134 MMA show edition of the Joe Rogan Experience, welterweight contender Belal Muhammad suggested that Colby Covington needs to have security while stepping out in public because of his trash-talking.

According to ‘Remember the Name’, ‘Chaos’ needs to realize that the words he speaks have consequences and people will react violently if he talks trash about their families and kids.

As per Belal Muhammad, Covington getting su**er punched by Jorge Masvidal in public was well deserved:

“That’s what I feel that a lot of these guys need to start realizing. You could say whatever you want to build the fight but when you’re talking about a guy’s family, his kids; like he [Colby Covington] deserved it. I know it was a su**er punch its dirty on Masvidal’s end… but I thought he deserved it.”

Watch Belal Muhammad talk about Colby Covington getting su**er punched below:

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