Conor McGregor officially begin training camp for Dustin Poirier trilogy fight at UFC 264

Conor McGregor (22-5) lost to Dustin Poirier (27-6, 1 NC) by TKO in the second round of their rematch at UFC 257 in January, leaving him out of the race for a potential second world title.

The 32-year-old Irish fighter, defeated in four rounds by former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in October 2018, fired a shot at boxing icon Manny Pacquiao when he defeated Poirier, only to be stopped in a mind-boggling frustration, prompting the referee Herb Dean intervene.

Conor McGregor officially begin training camp for Dustin Poirier trilogy fight at UFC 264

Immediately thereafter, McGregor made it clear after losing to Poirier earlier this year that he would like to return immediately to the Lafayette native.

John Kavanagh, Conor McGregor’s coach, arrived in the United Arab Emirates late Monday evening. His striking coach Owen Roddy was also photographed flying with the head coach of SBG Ireland.

“Stick the kettle on Big C, we’re on the way,” Kavanagh posted on social media.

The notorious Conor McGregor is known to be ticking at the UFC gym in Dubai, but his training camp has already begun.

The former UFC light and featherweight champion also sparred with undefeated lightweight Cage Warriors and promising John Mitchell (2-0), who is considered one of the best prospects in Irish MMA.

Mitchell currently has no set date for his next fight.

Thirsty for revenge, McGregor, who is determined not to let any unnecessary distractions get in the way of his preparations for his fight against Poirier.

Conor McGregor said: “I’ve been training my son since day 1. He will be ready if he decides too [sic]. I am going to do this fight away from the family also. For a change. Fights and boppies and cuddles is a hard one to balance. I’m going into this one a wild dog. “

In fact, Conor McGregor even claimed to have figured out a way to defeat Poirier, so he may not need the help of his coaches after all.

The Irishman tweeted: “July 10th I will do this absolutely flawlessly. We have these clowns sussed and fully! 🤡 🤡 🤡 💣 They wanna play a game of tactics? No problem, see you in there.
You’ve awoken a beast. A beast with the backing of a much higher power!
Say your prayers 🙏”

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