Conor McGregor proposed to create a “MacGregor Belt” before a potential fight MacGregor – Poirier 3.

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Conor McGregor wants his next fight for the prestigious title. His own. On Wednesday, McGregor tweeted that he would like to see the “McGregor Belt” set up for his next fight, which is expected to be a trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 on July 10 in Las Vegas.

Conor McGregor proposed to create a "MacGregor Belt" before a potential fight MacGregor - Poirier 3.

Also with this request, Conor McGregor shared an excerpt from his pre-fight press conference at UFC 196 when he first moved up to welterweight to fight Nate Diaz.

“I feel it’s time to break out this baby for the next fight,” McGregor wrote. “I ask the UFC to please create The McGregor Belt. I suggest rose gold and rubies. Think Patek rare.”

“Or yellow gold and emeralds possibly,” he continued. “Might be nice also. I’m open to design suggestions. Let’s link up, UFC #TheMcGregorBelt”

Conor  McGregor is a two-time UFC champion and previously held featherweight and lightweight titles. He is the first fighter in UFC history to win two titles at the same time.

The alleged duel with Poirier is the third meeting of the two stars. Conor  McGregor won the first bout when both men competed in featherweight, winning by TKO in 1:46 at UFC 178 in September 2014. They got their revenge at UFC 257 in January this year, and the result changed as it was Poirier who earned the TKO in the tournament. the 2:32 mark of the second round. Poirier and UFC President Dana White have named July 10 as the trilogy’s target date for the fight.

Charles Oliveira and Michael Chandler are vying for the lightweight title recently vacated by retired Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 262 on May 15, and there has been some confusion as to why Poirier, currently ranked # 1 on the official UFC lightweight rankings, is not participated in this. the equation. In the end, Poirier ended up choosing another lucrative match with McGregor, which confirms McGregor’s theory that a title with his name on it could be considered just as valuable (if not more) than a UFC belt.

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