Conor McGregor said his performance at UFC 264 will “top” his TKO win over Eddie Alvarez

Conor McGregor has had a lot of great moments inside the Octagon but his win over Eddie Alvarez is considered to be one of the best performances ever. From start to finish, McGregor picked apart Alvarez and dropped him several times en route to a TKO win to become the lightweight champ. It was a dominant performance from the Irishman and ahead of his trilogy match at UFC 264 against Dustin Poirier, he’s promising a better one.

Conor McGregor said his performance at UFC 264 will “top” his TKO win over Eddie Alvarez

“I’m better than that man, it’s coming full circle and I look forward to showing it on Saturday night,” McGregor said at the UFC 264 press conference. “That night (UFC 205) was the single greatest performance in UFC history, widely regarded, the night I won the second world title in Madison Square Garden. This performance on Saturday night, I’m going to top it.”

If Conor McGregor does put on a better performance than what he did at UFC 205, fans will be in for a treat. However, it will be easier said than done as Poirier is one of the best fighters in the world and scored a second-round TKO over McGregor just six months ago.

There’s no question McGregor has confidence in himself ahead of the trilogy match as he’s promised a violent KO win.

“It’s so good to be back in Las Vegas, so good to be back in the United States of America. I was in Cali before I came here and I love this place so very much so,” McGregor said to The Mac Life. “I’m very excited to come back, boost the economy here in Las Vegas once again, put on a show for the fans and score a devastating KO.”

If McGregor does end up knocking out Poirier and having a better than he did at UFC 205, the Irishman will earn a lightweight title shot later this year.

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