Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler TUF altercation revealed - NSAC had to intervene after slap

For a long time, it seemed like Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler shared an amicable relationship and their mutual desire to win came across as healthy competition. However, if UFC president Dana White’s comments are to be believed, there is more to the story.

Former UFC two-division champion Conor McGregor and No. 5 ranked lightweight contender Michael Chandler will go head-to-head as coaches in the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF Season 31). The rival coaches are expected to square off following the premiere of the series on ESPN on Tuesday, May 30. The official date and timeline for the fight hasn’t been confirmed yet.

During the UFC 285 post-fight press conference, Dana White disclosed that tensions flared between the two during the shoot for TUF. According to White, the pair had to be separated since they developed a genuine disdain for one another throughout filming.

Eager fight fans are waiting for more developments in the story, with new reports suggesting that the incident involved someone being slapped. Apparently, Conor McGregor jumped inside the cage after a fighter was knocked out and chaos ensued.

Furthermore, the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) had to step in to de-escalate the situation:

“Here’s what I learned about the McGregor/Chandler “incident” that Dana was alluding to on Sat. Apparently, someone was KO’d and McGregor jumped in the cage, shoved Chandler, someone got slapped and the teams rushed the cage. NSAC broke it up. Video interviews coming soon #TUF31″

Check out the tweet below (via: @PhotoAmy33 on Twitter):

Michael Chandler outlines Conor McGregor’s “Venn diagram” of personalities

What began as a healthy rivalry has evolved into an ongoing feud. Michael Chandler recently admitted that things with Conor McGregor are not going as well as he had anticipated.

Following his incredible front-kick knockout victory over Tony Ferguson at UFC 274, Chandler called out ‘The Notorious’ in spectacular fashion. McGregor was thrilled with Chandler’s performance and expressed his willingness to face him in the future.

UFC president Dana White alluded to an argument between the two during the production of The Ultimate Fighter this past weekend. Speaking to the media at UFC 285, McGregor’s rival coach Chandler revealed that tensions are rising:

“I think I made my prediction correctly when I see a guy in Conor who is so good at looking at the Venn diagram of good guy/bad guy, and guy in between who doesn’t quite know when he’s going to be crazy-mean, crazy-witty, crazy-nice, crazy-respective, or respectful only – crazy-respectful, just to set you up to lower your guard just so he can spit you with some venom the next day. Conor on Monday is different than Conor on Tuesday, who’s different than Conor on Wednesday, and I freaking love it.”

Check out Chandler’s comments below (7:26):

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