Conor McGregor wants two belts for the Poirier trilogy at once, Diaz ironically replied

Former UFC champion in two weight classes, star Irishman Conor McGregor, who previously announced his desire to receive a personal belt in case of victory in the trilogy with American Dustin Poirier, raised the stakes.

Conor McGregor wants two belts for the Poirier trilogy at once, Diaz ironically replied

Nate Diaz did not stand aside after his longtime rival Conor McGregor told the UFC to make two new belts for his upcoming trilogy with Dustin Poirier.

McGregor and Poirier are set to face off for a third time on July 10 at UFC 264, after their first two encounters in the past.

”Let’s do two belts actually UFC. Champ Champ always does two. We’ve got “The McGregor Belt” currently in creation, and now we’ve got the all new “RMF” belt.
“The Richest Motherf***er Belt”.
This way we can put both the rubies and the emeralds to good use.”

Nate Diaz came across McGregor’s online request and quickly responded as follows.

”UFC go ahead and make this lil b*tch a belt or 2 with rubies or whatever he wants on it i think he really needs it. I need his confidence hi so he can do well so go ahead and make the belt if you would like too. And go out there and gettem champ..”

Diaz and McGregor, of course, have a long-standing and legendary rivalry. They have fought twice in the past at UFC 196 and UFC 202.

Nate Diaz is expected to return to the Octagon for the UFC 262 co-main event next month, where he will face off against top welterweight contender Leon Edwards.

Before ‘The Diamond’ knocked him out in his last game, Conor McGregor scored a sensational knockout victory over Donald Cerrone.

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