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Former Chelsea player Craig Burley slams PSG superstar for disrespectful gesture when ball was passed to Lionel Messi instead of him

Craig Burley slams PSG superstar for disrespectful gesture when ball was passed to Lionel Messi

PSG duo Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe had a decent relationship on the pitch last season, but things don’t seem likewise this term.

The Frenchman made headlines over the weekend after putting up a disrespectful gesture when the ball was passed to his Argentine colleague instead of him. That has attracted criticism from many, including former Chelsea player Craig Burley.

The incident took place during PSG’s 5-2 Ligue 1 triumph over Montpellier on Saturday. Just before half-time, Mbappe threw a mini tantrum when newly signed midfielder Vitinha didn’t pass the ball to him and gave it to Messi instead.

The Frenchman reacted by halting his run and refusing to support the team in attack. He also threw his hands up in the air in frustration. Following the episode, Burley lambasted Mbappe for his behaviour, claiming that the player has gone out of control after signing a new contract with the club.

“It’s an unfortunate thing to say, but at this moment in time, Kylian Mbappe is out of control,” Burley said. They’ve kind of allowed it to happen by this new contract. And it’s all about you. And don’t go to Real Madrid just yet and whatever went on behind the scenes and the promises they gave him, but he’s out of control. His persona is completely out of control. He can pretty much do as he likes.”

“There’s no comeback for him, or it seems that way. I just feel he’s crossed that line. He’s crossed that line now where he just thinks its just all about him, and he’s completely gone unless he reels himself back in a little bit, and I don’t see any signs of it,” Burley added.

Mbappe was the subject of interest from Real Madrid last summer before he extended his stay in Paris with a bumper contract.

Could Kylian Mbappe become a distraction in PSG dressing room?


Apart from slamming Mbappe’s gesture in the incident involving Messi and Vitinha last weekend, Burley also warned that the Frenchman’s attitude could impact the dressing room, especially on big European nights.

“He’s a problem for a dressing room at the moment,” the Scotsman said. “And we used to say it was Neymar and one or two others were the problem. Unfortunately, that kind of attitude is a problem for the dressing room. Yes, they will get away with it in France and Ligue 1, and they’re probably going to win that. But when it gets to the bigger picture, it’s an issue,” he added.

Mbappe scored in PSG’s win over Montpellier but missed a penalty as he opened his account on his season debut.

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