Dana White has responded to rumors of Conor McGregor firing fighters from The Ultimate Fighter (TUF)

UFC president Dana White has responded to rumors of Conor McGregor firing fighters from The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) ‘and bringing his own guys as replacements.

White recently made an appearance at the UFC Fight Night 220 post-fight press conference. During his time there, the 53-year-old said that McGregor has been provided with some leverage in return for his commitment to doing the UFC cult show despite having his home in Ireland.

White added that in the future, the UFC intended on doing something with the fighters that were potentially removed from the show.

“Who gives a s**t?… These stories that come out of these things… We’re working on all of this stuff… and you’re trying to get guys to commit to coach and you know, to do the coaching commitment, especially when you live in Ireland, you know what I mean? Yeah, Conor’s gonna get some things that he wants. Nobody lost an opportunity here. If there were guys that were booked to do that, we’ll do something with them… We’ll figure it out. We’ll take care of these guys.”

Listen to Dana White’s comments on Conor McGregor below:

Conor McGregor TUF: Dana White reveals Michael Chandler’s personal take on the season

Michael Chandler appears to be having a good time on The Ultimate Fighter set against Irish superstar Conor McGregor. During the UFC Fight Night 220 post-fight press conference, Dana White shared a conversation he had with Chandler regarding the show. White revealed that ‘Iron’ had fallen in love with the show and had become invested in his fighters:

“I was just upstairs with Chandler and he was telling me how much he loves this show and how into helping his guys he is. He’s like, ‘You know, I figured I was gonna come out here and we’d go through the motions and whatever.’ He says, ‘I’m blown away by how into this I am and how much I really care about these guys.’ And I said, ‘This is what happens every season, man. It’s fascinating.'”

Check out Dana White’s comments at the press-conference below:

After the show’s culmination, Chandler will take on the Irishman inside the UFC octagon in what could possibly be the biggest UFC event of the year.

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