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Dana White jokes about the UFC asking Johnny Walker to leave the arena without shoes after UFC 279 fight

Dana White jokes about the UFC asking Johnny Walker to leave the arena without shoes after UFC 279 fight

Dana White was met with tough questions when he appeared in front of the media following UFC 279. He was questioned about the UFC allegedly kicking out Johnny Walker immediately after his event.

Johnny Walker’s coach, John Kavanagh, posted a series of tweets showing that Walker and the rest of the team were kicked out of the UFC event as soon as their fight ended. In the video, you can see that the Brazilian fighter still has his UFC fight gloves on and isn’t even wearing shoes.

“So @ufc just came and kicked us out. No tickets for us and not allowed stay back stage to watch. Pulled out back door, kicked out, no even shoes on.”

When the UFC president was asked why this happened, he replied by saying:

“I guess ever since covid, they started this thing where they get the fighters right out of here. I don’t know why that happened, I mean we’re not throwing Johnny Walker out in the street shoeless, I’m sure.”

When the reporter then stated that there was a photo of Walker exiting the arena shoeless, White commented:

“Yeah… we f*cking threw him right out into the streets huh? It’s rough around here. I don’t know.”

Watch the interview below:

Dana White says the UFC is Nate Diaz’s “house” after wishing him farewell at UFC 279

Dana White spoke to the media following UFC 279 and had nothing but kind words to say about Nate Diaz. The Stockton native fought for what many believe will be his last fight in the UFC and closed the show in style with a superb guillotine choke submission.

The UFC president was all praise when bidding farewell to Diaz:

“No matter what Nate does from here on out, I mean the kid… this is his house, he’s been here forever. It’s been a blast having him here, and I wish him well. He and I had this discussion months ago at the offices.”

Watch the video below:

Dana White and Nate Diaz have been known to bang heads together in the past. But as their professional relationship comes to an end, both White and Diaz have given each other their respective flowers in recent interviews.

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