Dana White says she doesn’t see the fire in Nick Diaz: “I just wonder how badly he really wants to fight.”

UFC President Dana White says he doesn’t see this fire in Nick Diaz and asks how badly he wants to fight again.

Dana White says she doesn't see the fire in Nick Diaz: "I just wonder how badly he really wants to fight."

Diaz was a guest at UFC 261 last month and was reportedly dating White about a possible comeback. Diaz hasn’t fought since January 2015 when he fought Anderson Silva out of competition, but he’s been talking about a comeback for several years now. With his brother Nate Diaz returning to the Octagon next month at UFC 263, Diaz’s older brother also hopes to return to the cage this year, and he said the same to White.

However, White is not sure if Diaz will actually return. Speaking to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, White said he wonders how badly Diaz really wants to fight in the UFC again.

(The meeting) went well. My whole relationship with Nick Diaz boils down to just wondering how badly he really wants to fight. We got together, we had a great conversation and we talked about a possible return for him. I just do not know. Let’s see how things go this summer and the rest of the year, ”White said.

When asked why he doubts Diaz, White said the long layoff gives him a hiatus, as well as the fact that he doesn’t feel that Diaz is as hungry as the other fighters.

Only the amount of time that he has already taken. When you hear him talk about wrestling, when you hear him talk about sports. And I sit or talk every day with hungry young savages who want to break into the top 10 and become world champions and all that. And Nick Diaz did it all, saw it all, and he took part in big fights. I just don’t see it in him when I talk to him, ”White said.

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