Dana White spoke about Jon Jones’ title ambitions in the heavyweight division

UFC President Dana White has assured that former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will definitely not get a chance to fight heavyweight title holder Francis Ngannou, who will face Derrick Lewis.

According to White, if Jones wants to continue playing in the UFC, he can return to his home weight class.

Dana White spoke about Jon Jones' title ambitions in the cruiserweight division

“Yeah, I’ve absolutely moved on,”Dana White says … “Listen, I put on fights every Saturday. We have a window where we try to build some fights and make some things happen. If the fights don’t happen within that window, we move on, and realistically, I mean I’ve been saying it since the beginning, Derrick Lewis is the guy who should be getting the title shots. He beat Francis Ngannou. He’s next in line, he’s coming off of great performances and that’s a wrap. We’re moving on. “

So, is Jon Jones’ run in the UFC done for good?

“That’s up to Jon,” Dana White said … “He could absolutely fight again at 205 lbs. He said he wouldn’t fight [Stipe Miocic] and now Derrick and Francis are fighting so we’ll see how that fight plays out . “

“There’s nothing wrong with going out on top either – Jon Jones is undefeated, he’s never been beat.”

“For those people that don’t know, you see that 1 loss on his record, he didn’t lose that fight he won that fight in dominant fashion like most of his fights. It was a time when the Nevada Athletic Commission was at its weakest and there was a referee that shouldn’t have been in there and he stole that fight from Jon Jones. So, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for him to go out on top. “

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