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Dana White talked about one knockout that was his the most favorite moment in UFC history

Dana White talked about one knockout that was his the most favorite moment in UFC history

Dana White reveals his favorite moment in UFC history.

Dana White has been involved in the UFC for years and has seen thousands of fights, knockouts, and submissions among crazy other moments.

However, for White, his all-time favorite moment was Chuck Liddel knocking out Tito Ortiz.

“When Chuck Liddell knocked Tito Ortiz out. That was my favorite, favorite moment that has ever happened in UFC history,” White said on GQ Sports.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to see White pick that as his moment as he has been vocal about how much he disliked Ortiz. The two were even in talks to have a boxing match and White claims Ortiz is the one who backed out as he used to beat him up in boxing.

“I knew (I would win), and so did he. That’s why it didn’t happen,” Dana White said to Barstool Sports. “Tito Ortiz was doing a new deal with us. Tito and I hated each other so bad that Lorenzo Fertitta did this deal. Tito never had great hands. He had been working on his boxing with Fernando Vargas.”

“He started to feel like his hands were getting in a good place and we hated each other. He told Lorenzo the last thing he wanted in his deal was a three round boxing match with me. Three three-minute rounds. I told Lorenzo yes, sign the deal…”

“This wasn’t going to be the first time Tito and I boxed,” White added.

“As it started to get closer and I was training — at the time I was sparring with heavyweight pro boxers who were ranked in the top-10 to get ready for that fight — I was in ridiculous shape and I was ready. I was going to whoop his ass in front of everybody.”

Along with Dana White not being a fan of Tito Ortiz, he and Liddell used to be super close which only added to why it’s his favorite moment.

Watch the full episode on GQ Sports with Dana White below:

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