Daniel Cormier gave advice to Sergei Pavlovich ahead of potential title surge

Daniel Cormier weighed in on Sergei Pavlovich’s most recent win over Curtis Blaydes and his potential heavyweight title surge.

During today’s episode of ESPN’s DC & RC show, Cormier shared his thoughts on where Pavlovich currently stands in the UFC heavyweight division. He put himself into the surging heavyweight’s shoes, mentioning that Pavlovich should serve as the alternate for Jon Jones vs Stipe Miocic, especially considering all the momentum he has gained.

He said:

“I think I [Sergei Pavlovich] do what I did when Jon [Jones] fought against Ciryl Gane. I weigh in and I sit there as an alternate. I don’t know if I fight again because against Ciryl Gane, nobody knew it. But he was the alternate, so he sat there, made the weight and then when Ciryl and Jon fought, he was just out, but he got paid some money.” [8:26 – 8:51]

‘DC’ also brought up that serving as an alternate ensures that Pavlovich continues to get paid despite not fighting. He mentioned that fighting again would be a step backward as he is the clear number-one contender, saying:

“I would do that [serve as an alternate] because anthing else now would be fighting backwards. Even fighting Stipe [Miocic] would be fighting backwards for Sergei Pavlovich and I don’t know if right now he needs to do that.” [9:33 – 9:45]

Cormier does make a logical point as Pavlovich could very well be sidelined until early next year if he waits. Instead, he could serve as an alternate for Jones vs. Miocic, which is reportedly being targeted for November.

Check out the full video:

Daniel Cormier compliments Sergei Pavlovich on his recent win

Daniel Cormier was very impressed with Sergei Pavlovich‘s ascension up the UFC heavyweight rankings.

During the aforementioned episode, ‘DC’ noted that Pavlovich has done an excellent job in cementing his status as the next title challenger in the heavyweight division. He mentioned that the Russian heavyweight has done an excellent job in dictating the pace in his fights, saying:

“He’s [Sergei Pavlovich] not crazy fast, he doesn’t throw and overthrow, he’s just so sure that his power when he connects can put just about anybody out that he just fights at the same pace.” [5:31 – 5:44]

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