Daniel Cormier has suggested 3 fights that will headline the historic UFC 300 event

Daniel Cormier predicts two title fights and one “Notorious” return for the landmark event.

Following Dana White’s announcements earlier this week, we now have the main events locked in for the first three numbered cards of the year.

With UFC 297, 298, and 299 all confirmed, it allows speculation to begin on who will fight at the landmark UFC 300 pay-per-view, which the promotion will want to stack with huge fights.

Looking around at who isn’t booked that makes sense for that card, one name jumps right off the page.

On the latest episode of DC & RCDaniel Cormier spoke about how the timing has worked out perfectly for “The Notorious” Conor McGregor to make his Octagon return in April against Michael Chandler.

“UFC 100 had Brock, right? With Georges St-Pierre and all those guys. UFC 200 had Brock, it was supposed to me and Jones also but it ended up being me, Anderson Silva, Brock, all these guys, big names,” Cormier said.

“UFC 300 has to have a name like that. We don’t have Brock Lesnar anymore. So, I think you have to have a Conor McGregor versus Michael Chandler. I think Michael Chandler gets his shot now, in the main event. Boy, Michael Chandler will headline UFC 300, how crazy is that?”

Daniel Cormier Suggests Two Title Fights For UFC 300

Three title fights on one card is usually reserved for the biggest events, be it a landmark number or a moment in history like the promotion’s Madison Square Garden debut.

With UFC 295 and 296 still yet to play out this year, Cormier suggested that we could see two champions from the remaining PPV events in 2023 also feature on UFC 300.

Providing that the winners in the welterweight and heavyweight divisions are able to make the required turnaround for April, we could be looking at three big name matchups at the top of the card.

“Co-main event, when I look down the line, I know that Jones and Stipe will not be ready. I do believe that whoever wins the belt this weekend will have to fight again. Leon Edwards or Colby Covington will then be available again, right? Because they fight in December. I believe it’ll be one of them if not both. The interim heavyweight champion and then the welterweight champion will also fight at UFC 300.”    

The next few weeks and months are sure to be an exciting time as we build towards one of the most significant events in the history of the UFC.

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