Demetrious Johnson about Jon Jones’ perspectives.

Demetrious Johnson on Jon Jones' perspectives.

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Former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson praised former light heavyweight title holder Jon Jones. According to Demetrious, even after Jones’ transition to heavyweight, no one will be able to beat him in the Octagon anytime soon.

Demetrious Johnson on Jon Jones' perspectives.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Johnson was asked about who he believes the GOAT is. Though “Mighty Mouse” said it’s a difficult question to answer, and ultimately one that the MMA community should decide, he did mention that Jones was someone who he believes would be in the conversation. After a dominant run in the UFC light heavyweight division for the last decade, Johnson believes that Jones is now set to dominate at heavyweight, as well, pointing to the fact that he’s so tall and long and has such a high fight IQ as the reasons.

“Jon Jones, I think he’s one of the greatest of all time — he’s probably the GOAT — because each time I’ve seen him fight, I feel like he plays with his opponents. I feel like he’s very dynamic as a light heavyweight. He will be very dynamic as a heavyweight, as long as he keeps speed, which I don’t see perceive him losing his speed. I don’t see anyone beating him anytime soon. He’s been given the gift of being so long and he’s very intelligent as well,” Johnson said.

Demetrious Johnson also named the only fighter who managed to piss him off.

“I doubt that I’ve met anybody in my life that’s faster than me in mixed martial arts. I haven’t met one person yet, ”Demetrious Johnson explained.

“It’s another fight, and he’s that he’s faster, stronger believes. But you know, we get a chance to go in there and fight in a cage and see who’s faster or stronger … We’re going to see what happens. ”

Not only is Demetrious Johnson not bothered by the remarks Moraes has made about him, but he generally does not get caught up in the trash talking and mind games. That said, there is one person that got under Might Mouse’s skin when they fought.

According to Demetrious, the only fighter who’s mind games worked even in the slightest bit, was John Dodson. Of course, considering DJ won both of their fights, it is hard to imagine it perturbed him that much.

“I never let anybody get into my head. I think the one person that ever irked me or irritated me was just John Dodson. But other than that, there hasn’t been another athlete that ever did it, ”Demetrious Johnson explained.

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