Diego Sanchez’s coach explains strange training video

Diego Sanchez‘s coach, Joshua Fabia, explained what was happening in a strange training video that hit the net a couple of days ago and shocked the mma community.

Diego Sanchez's coach explains strange training video

“I see guys getting knocked out all the time, but I’ve never seen them practice taking punch,” Fabia said in an interview with Mike Swick. “I beat Diego for 20 minutes a day. I beat him for 20 minutes a day so that his body understands the blow. Fighters think they will never be reached, and when this happens, they take it too emotionally, but if you practice this skill, the fear and anxiety that makes you hesitate disappear. Even if you miss a beat, you remain calm, able to move, and your brain receives enough oxygen to make the right decision. “

Recall that in this video, Joshua Fabia punches and kicks on the head of Diego Sanchez, who is suspended from a horizontal bar upside down, and is used by a mentor as a punching bag.

Two weeks earlier, the UFC veteran was fired from the organization in a scandal after Fabia’s conflict with the promotion’s management.

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