Dillon Danis asserted that he's capable of finishing 'The Baddy' Paddy Pimblett within a couple of minutes

Dillon Danis (2-0 MMA) has taken a jibe at UFC lightweight Paddy Pimblett (20-3 MMA) yet again. Taking to social media to address a potential fight between himself and Pimblett, Bellator MMA fighter Danis asserted that he’s capable of finishing ‘The Baddy’ within a couple of minutes.

‘El Jefe’ emphasized that if he doesn’t stop Pimblett in less than two minutes, he’ll retire and permanently delete all his social media accounts. Danis tweeted an image of his recent Instagram post that, in turn, contained an image of a past tweet of his, the latter of which reads:

“If I don’t finish Paddy Pimblett in under 2 mins I’ll retire and delete all social media forever plus give everyone who likes this 1k each.”

Additionally, in an Instagram post, Danis suggested that for one to be eligible to receive the $1,000 prize if he loses to Pimblett, everyone who likes his tweet must be signed up as his followers on his social media accounts.

Check out Danis’ Instagram post below:

Dillon Danis has been one of UK MMA stalwart Paddy Pimblett’s biggest critics over the past few years. Regardless, the consensus is that the Bellator welterweight isn’t likely to fight Pimblett anytime soon.

In fact, Danis’ next fight isn’t an MMA bout but rather a boxing matchup. The American BJJ savant is scheduled to face UK YouTube megastar and pugilist KSI in a six-round light heavyweight exhibition boxing match on January 14, 2023.

Chael Sonnen on Paddy Pimblett’s much-discussed potential rematch against Jared Gordon

Paddy Pimblett defeated Jared Gordon via a unanimous decision earlier this month. However, many believe Gordon ought to have been awarded the victory on the judges’ scorecards.

In a recent edition of the “Beyond the Fight” podcast, MMA analyst Chael Sonnen opined that facing Gordon in a rematch appears to be the only ideal matchup for Pimblett next.

That said, ‘The Bad Guy’ acknowledged that Paddy Pimblett might refrain from fighting Gordon again due to the significant criticism he’s received in relation to their first fight. Further alluding to Pimblett’s apparent disinterest in a potential rematch, Sonnen pointed out that Gordon has been doing his part and has asked to face ‘The Baddy’ again.

Sonnen said:

“I like the idea. Gordon vs. Pimblett part two. I don’t have to see it in England. I don’t have to see it in March, but I do like that idea and frankly I don’t have a better one. I don’t predict this is the direction they’re going to go, but if you wanted to go in that direction, somebody is gonna have to suggest it. Gordon has now done his part.”

Watch Sonnen’s assessment below:

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