England beat Poland minimally, Hungary defeated Andorra – Group I.

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A number of matches of the third round of the qualifying stage of the 2022 World Cup took place. Three matches took place in Group I at once.

In the first game, England won a minimal victory over Poland with a score of 2: 1. The British were the first to open the scoring when, in the 19th minute, Kane converted a penalty, and the Poles were able to recoup in the middle of the second half of the match – in the 58th minute Moder scored an effective shot. The victory for Gareth Southgate’s team was brought by a goal scored by Maguire in the 85th minute.

England beat Poland minimally, Hungary defeated Andorra - Group I.

After three games, England tops the Group I standings with nine points, while Poland has four points and fourth.

England – Poland 2: 1

Goals: Kane, 19 (penalty), Maguire, 85 – Moder, 85

In the second game, Hungary defeated Andorra 4: 1 away. As part of the Hungarians, Fiola, Gazdag, Kleinheisler and Nego scored goals, while the hosts had only Puhol, who converted a penalty in the last minutes of the match. As a result, Hungary has seven points and second place in the group, while Andorra has zero points and fifth place.

Andorra – Hungary 1: 4

Goals: Puhol, 90 + 3 (penalty) – Fiola, 45 + 2, Gazdag, 51, Kleinheisler, 58, Nego, 90

In another game of Group I, Albania defeated San Marino in an away match, sending two unanswered goals to the hosts’ goal. The goals were scored by Manai and Uzuni. The Albanians have six points and third place, while San Marino has zero, as well as goals scored with ten conceded.

San Marino 0-2 Albania

Goals: Manai, 63, Uzuni, 85

Finally, there was another match in Group J, in which Iceland did not experience any problems, beating Liechtenstein with a score of 4: 1. As part of the Icelanders, Saivarsson, Bjarnason, Paulsson and Sigurjonsson recorded the goals they scored, while the hosts scored Frick.

Liechtenstein – Iceland 1: 4

Goals: Frick, 79 – Saivarsson, 12, Bjarnason, 45 + 1, Paulsson, Sigurjonsson, 90 + 4 (penalty)

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