Fans destroy Khamzat Chimaev for trying to troll Paulo Costa's loss to Israel Adesanya

Khamzat Chimaev continues to lose fans’ support over his back and forth with Paulo Costa. ‘Borz’ recently tried to mock Costa about his title loss to Israel Adesanya at UFC 253.

The Swede uploaded pictures of Adesanya doing the humiliating dry-humping gesture to Costa after knocking him out in round 2.

Chimaev, who is now being regarded as the UFC’s new heel, failed to impress fans with his digs at ‘Borrachinha’. Some even challenged ‘Borz’ to accept a fight against Costa. A user with the handle @angry_goof wrote:

“You’re a clown. Accept the fight with him then u puss”

The beef between Chimaev and Costa started with the Brazilian calling ‘Borz’ a ‘Gourmet Chechen’ who would lose to Nate Diaz. Chimaev then confronted Costa at the UFC Performance Institute, interrupting ‘Borrachinha’s’ training session with former Strikeforce champion Jake Shields.

Khamzat Chimaev lost some gangster credibility as both Shields and Costa accused him of having no real intention of engaging. Fans also sided with ‘Borrachinha’ for appearing to be a cool customer while ‘Borz’ displayed ‘hold me back’ energy. ‘Borz’ has continued to build the heel image with his antics leading up to and during the UFC 270 card.

Paulo Costa claims to have stolen everything from Khamzat Chimaev, urges ‘Borz’ to “do something”

Paulo Costa believes that he’s had a part to play in the sequence of events that turned Khamzat Chimaev into a heel leading up to UFC 279. Chimaev came under severe criticism for missing weight by a huge margin for his scheduled welterweight clash against Nate Diaz.

Costa believes his run-in with Chimaev at the UFC PI stole the Swede’s sleep, leading to a botched weight-cut. ‘Borrachinha’ is now keen to fight Chimaev and urged him to do something about it. The Brazilian said during a recent appearance on The MMA Hour:

“Chimaev, because he’s on [a] high, I stole some of his high. I stole his sleep, I stole his cap, I stole his main event fight. I stole everything. Chimaev, you need to do something, motherf**ker. I stole everything that you had. Your hat, I stole your night’s sleep, I stole your weigh-in. You are disturbed, so crazy. ‘I cannot do this, I will die.’ So I think I need to fight that guy.”

Watch Paulo Costa’s appearance on The MMA Hour below:

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