Fans mock UFC boss over new PowerSlap league promo - Dana White Slap

Dana White has found himself on the receiving end of social media mockery after the UFC frontman posted a promotional video for his new Power Slap League on Twitter.

Fans wasted no time pointing out the contextual irony of the tweet, considering White was recently caught on camera slapping his wife during an altercation at a New Year’s Eve party in Mexico. While many expected the Power Slap League to not go ahead, in light of these events, it seems the new show will debut on January 18 on TBS Network.

Check out the tweet below:

The post seemed to irk many users who made their feelings known in the comment section.

Check out some of the reactions below:

User @TheChrit joked about the premiere date, saying:

“Or… technically… January 1st with some White on White violence.”

User @McGregorsBurned stated:

“Read the room.”

User @chrisbruno16 wrote against the new league:

“Jammin’ up my feed with this crap again…”

@DanaExotic posted a remixed version of Ariel Helwani’s reaction to the altercation video and joked:

“Where’s your reply to Ariel’s diss track?”

@JerrysWorld03 made an observation, stating:

“Brother in Christ, this ain’t the best time to be promoting a slapping league.”

User @McGregorRousey joked with a meme:

Check out some more tweets below:

California Legislative Women’s Caucus call for the removal of Dana White as president of the UFC

Dana White caused public uproar after his actions on New Year’s Eve in Mexico went viral on social media and there is a growing public clamor for him to face some punishment for his actions.

White has since apologized for his actions and his wife claimed that it was uncharacteristic of the UFC president to act out like that.

However, it seems the public statement of apology won’t cut it, and the California Legislative Women’s Caucus recently called for the removal of White as UFC president for slapping his wife while intoxicated.

The political women’s advocacy group comprises 18 state senators and 33 assembly women. They tweeted the letter and tagged the CEO of Endeavor, Ari Emmanuel, which is the UFC’s parent company.

“We are appalled by the violent conduct of @ufc President Dana White captured on video on NYE. Read our letter to @Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel calling for White’s removal here.”

So far, Endeavor has refused to issue any statement on the matter concerning Dana White and it seems the company intends to continue keeping mum.

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