Fans react to Hasbulla refraining from slapping Hollywood superstar Mark Wahlberg

Famous internet personality Hasbulla Magomedov and Hollywood superstar Mark Wahlberg were recently invited as Dana White‘s guests on the set of the Power Slap League. The two celebrities were brought in for a promotional push ahead of Power Slap’s finale this weekend.

Hasbulla is already a sensation in the world of MMA, known for his reckless yet humorous pranks on fighters and his close affiliation with Dagestani champions like Islam Makhachev and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Meanwhile, the veteran actor has starred in several Hollywood blockbusters like Lone Survivor, Shooter, Uncharted, and Ted.

Dana White showed the 20-year-old Russian around the Power Slap League set and even let him try his hand at slap fighting. In a recent video on Twitter, Wahlberg can be seen goofing around with Hasbulla in an attempt to get ‘Mini Khabib’ to slap him.

The two celebrities even had a face-off, with the actor asking the Russian to slap him in good humor. While the slap did not materialize, ‘Mini Khabib’ was being prodded on with a voice prompting:

“Put him down Has… He’s thinking about it.”

Nevertheless, the popular internet star and the actor appeared to have enjoyed themselves at the event.

The Power Slap finale goes down on Saturday (March 11), and fans can catch it live and for free on the Rumble app.

Fans react to Hasbulla refraining from slapping Mark Wahlberg

Hasbulla’s antics on the internet have made him an online sensation, but the 20-year-old Russian held back when Mark Wahlberg was in front of him. Considering the stark contrast in size between the two, many users and fans opined that it was probably a wise decision on ‘Mini Khabib’s part.

Fans and users reacted to the video and made their thoughts known in the comments section of the tweet.

Check out some reactions below:

One user recalled one of Mark Wahlberg’s past violent crimes related to him attacking two Vietnamese men as a teenager and wrote:

“Marky mark would’ve treated him like that homeless Vietnamese man back in 1989.”

Another user joked:

“Hasbulla remembered Russia is partly in Asia and didn’t want that Mark Wahlberg Hate Crime special.”

One fan joked about Dana White’s affinity for the Russian:

“Dana: That’s my son.”

One user appreciated ‘Mini Khabib’s decision-making:

“Smart choice lol.”

Another user found the Russian’s hesitance relatable, saying:

“I’d be scared of Wahlberg too lmao.”

Another user pointed out:

“Mark is a different animal… You don’t f**k with him.”

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