Fight Video: Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou at UFC 260.

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In Las Vegas, the main event of UFC 260 ended, in which a rematch took place in the heavyweight category between division champion Stipe Miocic (20-3 MMA, 14-3 UFC) and formidable knockout Francis Ngannou (15-3 MMA, 10- 2 UFC), coming up to this confrontation on a streak of four early victories.

Ngannou started the fight with low kicks, then checked Stipe Miocic’s jaw with a heavy overhand. When the champion remained on his feet, Francis, defending himself from the takedown, transferred Stipe himself to the canvas, at the same time awarding him with a series of his signature bombs. It was noticeable that Ngannou was not going to rush things, as in the first fight, calmly waiting for the right moment to attack.

In the second round, Stipe Miocic became more active, also trying to punch сalf-kicks. In one of the episodes, Ngannou went ahead, dropping the champion with a jab. Stipe fell back on the net, but quickly got up, and then broke the distance. When Francis began to pursue him, Miocic caught the challenger with a blow towards him. It seemed to him that he shocked Francis Ngannou, and therefore decided to go for an exchange, where Francis was able to cut down the champion with a left hook. Stipe Miocic collapsed to the ground, the battle was already over, but Francis Ngannou managed to deliver another blow to his opponent, which put an end to this fight.

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