Charles Oliveira shows interest in Colby Covington collision

Former UFC champion Charles Oliveira has responded to the idea of a possible fight against Colby Covington in the future.

For the longest time now, Charles Oliveira has been a huge fan favorite in the world of mixed martial arts. From winning championships to putting on entertaining fights and beyond, ‘Do Bronx’ has done some wonderful things in the sport.

Now, however, many are uncertain as to what’s next for him. It seems unlikely that he’ll get another crack at the lightweight title anytime soon, which could prompt him to make a move up to welterweight.

If he does, one man who will be waiting for him is Colby Covington. After a recent callout from ‘Chaos’, Oliveira responded to him in an interview.

Charles Oliveira shows interest in Colby Covington collision

“Actually, it’s like I said, it’s just sitting down and checking right? About legacy, about history, about values, we have to sit down. When I woke up in the morning, thousands of people were sending messages.

“He’s (Covington’s) a loud-mouthed guy. He’s a guy who talks a lot. So let’s see. Why not?”

Charles isn’t the kind of fighter who would allow trash talk to impact him. At the same time, he’ll certainly want to make a statement if he did get in there against Covington.

It may not get either man that much closer to the gold but as a legacy fight, this would definitely be a fun one.

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