Francis Ngannou caught up with action hero and bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger and used one of his most iconic one-liners

Francis Ngannou quotes Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic one-liner as he catches up with the bodybuilding legend.

Ngannou tweeted a photo with Schwarzenegger and New York Jets offensive tackle Mekhi Becton. He referenced one of the action hero’s most iconic one-liners from his film Predator and mentioned that it was an honor to meet him and also a pleasure to meet the NFL star.

He wrote:

“‘If it bleeds, we can kill it.’ #ThePredators…It was an honor to meet the legendary @Schwarzenegger and pleasure to meet @BigTicket73 of the @nyjets!”

The film was released in 1987 and is one of Schwarzenegger’s most popular action films. The bodybuilding legend retweeted the photos and replied by saying it was a pleasure for him as well and noted how large both the NFL star and former UFC heavyweight champion were, writing:

“It was my honor, even though you guys made me look like a little chicken.”

Schwarzenegger wasn’t the only high-profile star that ‘The Predator’ had a chance to meet as he also recently shared a photo of his meeting with Portoguese soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

Paulo Costa challenges Francis Ngannou to a bare-knuckle fight

Paulo Costa has become quite an entertaining follow on social media and he recently took aim at Francis Ngannou by challenging him to a bare-knuckle bout.

The former UFC middleweight title challenger recently signed a lucrative contract extension with the promotion, so it’s unclear why he began tweeting out a challenge to ‘The Predator.’ He mentioned that he would be open to boxing with or without gloves and that it would be the former heavyweight champion’s decision to make.

He wrote:

“Hey Francis, I heard you’re looking for a boxer opponent. If u prefer, I can put my gloves off too. It’s up to you big brother.”

‘The Predator’ has yet to respond, but that hasn’t stopped fans from having fun with the idea of the two fighting for real. Fans brought up ‘Borrachinha’s Secret Juice’ as the reason why he would have an edge over Ngannou, writing:

“Francis has no chance against the secret juice” [@Shot_of_Jack_ – Twitter]

“Secret Juice” [@AppanTharsan]

“He doesn’t want the smoke” [@EraserBy]

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