Francis Ngannou said to Jon Jones: “Prepare for the toughest challenge of your life.”

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UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou sent Jon Jones a message telling him to get ready for the toughest challenge of his life.

Francis Ngannou said to Jon Jones: "Prepare for the toughest challenge of your life."

Francis Ngannou knocked out Stipe Miocic at UFC 260 to claim the promoted heavyweight title and is expected to face Jon Jones in his first title defense.

Of course, Jones is currently involved in a public battle with UFC President Dana White over the wages of the fighters, so there is no certainty that the fight will take place. But if you ask Ngannou, he wants the UFC to end the fight because Jones is the person he wants to see standing opposite him in the octagon.

Speaking to TMZ Sports in the days after winning the UFC heavyweight title, Ngannou sent a message to Jones: get ready, because a date with “The Predator” is coming soon.

“Well, my message to Jon would be to get ready and to be serious and to put in the work because it’s going to happen, the biggest challenge of his life. I won’t be going in there to play with him like those guys have been doing. It’s going to feel different. He can put whatever weight he wants on him, that doesn’t take anything less of my strength and my power,” Francis Ngannou said.

Francis Ngannou vs. Jon Jones is one of the biggest fights the UFC can make right now, and it will all come down to if the promotion pays “Bones” what he’s worth. For his part, Ngannou is hoping that the UFC is able to come to an agreement with Jones. It’s the fight that he wants and it’s the fight he hopes happens next. But ultimately, it’s not up to Ngannou, but instead, it’s up to the UFC and to Jones to strike a deal with each other financially.

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