Francis Ngannou told the details about the new UFC contract

Francis Ngannou told the details about the new UFC contract, says he’s “not in a rush” to sign one

Francis Ngannou is still yet to sign a new UFC contract but he claims he is not in a rush to sign one.

It has been well documented that Ngannou and the UFC have been in a contract dispute on getting the heavyweight champ a new deal. Ngannou voiced his displeasure ahead of his UFC 270 title fight against Ciryl Gane as he wants to be paid more but is not in a rush to sign a new deal.

“My contract status right now is still the same, I haven’t received any offer (from the UFC). So, it is still the same,” Ngannou said to Sirius XM. “I’m hoping in the next two or three months we can deal with that, to sort it… It’s not a surprise to me, I think we’re not in a rush. “I’m not in a rush either. I’m not going anywhere, so I’m not rushing.”

Although Ngannou is not in a rush to sign a new deal, if he does, the plan for the champ is to be able to box as he wants to face Tyson Fury.

“Absolutely (I’m still interested in fighting Tyson Fury). However this ends up, that (boxing) has to be part of it,” Ngannou added.

Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou have made it known they want to fight one another and if it does happen it would be a massive fight. Yet, the UFC and Dana White haven’t shown much interest in making it happen.

Ngannou currently has one fight left on his deal but is rehabbing his knee. It’s uncertain when he will return or who he will face when he defends his belt. But, if he steps into the Octagon without a new deal, it will be a big deal as Ngannou would be a very sought-after free agent.

How would Francis Ngannou fare against Tyson Fury?

Francis Ngannou posts compilation video of taking body shots with ease over the years - Video

Tyson Fury is an undefeated boxer who has not only beaten but knocked out some of the greatest boxers of his generation. So Francis Ngannou, an MMA upstart, stands no chance against him right?

While the Englishman is quite clearly the superior boxer, anyone in the world has a puncher’s chance to beat anybody on a given night. What makes this bout interesting is the inclusion of smaller gloves, which will give the MMA star a better chance of coming away with a victory over normal boxing gloves.

Ngannou has the highest recorded punching power in the world and has made a career out of knocking opponents out inside the cage. The insanely scary power coming from the Cameroonian has every chance of earning him a knockout win, especially as he’d be wearing smaller gloves.

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