'Funk Master' Aljamain Sterling sarcastically proposes next title shot for Raul Rosas Jr

UFC newcomer Raul Rosas Jr. recently claimed he could beat all the ranked bantamweights, including the champion Aljamain Sterling.

‘Funk Master’ lost no time in issuing a reply to Rosas Jr.’s comments, loaded with sarcasm. Agreeing with Rosas Jr.’s claims, Sterling also suggested that the 18-year-old should get the next title shot.

He further joked about ‘El Nino Problema’ replacing Henry Cejudo, who was recently confirmed as Sterling’s next opponent. Reacting to a post about Rosas Jr.’s comments, the 33-year-old wrote on Twitter:

“They should make that fight next. I really think that Rosas will fu*k him up! I heard Cejudos out and Rosas is in!”

Raul Rosas Jr. earned his UFC contract at only 17 years of age when he beat Mando Gutierrez with a unanimous decision win at Dana White’s Contender Series back in September. ‘El Nino Problema’ made his promotional debut at the last PPV event of the year at UFC 282 on Saturday. The 18-year-old lived up to the hype behind him, dominantly submitting his opponent Jay Perrin within the opening frame.

Raul Rosas Jr. is confident about beating Aljamain Sterling

While Raul Rosas Jr. is certainly exceptionally skilled for his age, ‘El Nino Problema’ might be asking for more than he can handle. With just seven professional fights under his belt, the 18-year-old claims he can beat UFC bantamweight champion, Aljamain Sterling.

Rosas Jr. recorded seven victories within a very short span of time since turning pro in November 2021. The youngest member on the promotion’s roster claims that he wouldn’t have made his UFC debut so soon after his DWCS win if he wasn’t confident in his ability to win UFC gold right now. Hoping to be fast-tracked by the UFC, ‘El Nino Problema’ said on The MMA Hour:

“I don’t know what the plan is, but I hope they’re trying to fast track me because I’m ready. Like I said, if they offer me a fight for the UFC belt right now, I can not only go out there and win, but I can also finish whoever has the belt, which right now is Aljamain Sterling… The reason I’m fighting so actively — including the Dana White Contender Series not that long ago — I decided to make my UFC debut already because I’m ready for it all… This is why I’m taking my career so quick, because I know I have everything to win that belt right now.”

Watch Rosas Jr.’s comments below (16:27):

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