Geoff Neal plans to pause his career after losing at UFC on ESPN 24

On the main card of today’s UFC on ESPN 24 tournament, a bout of two rated welterweight fighters took place. At the end of the fight, Neil Magny managed to defeat Geoff Neal by unanimous decision after three rounds, which was the second defeat for Neil in a row.

On his social networks, Geoff Neal turned to the fans and commented on the result of the fight. Neal thanked his opponent for a great fight and said that he plans to leave MMA for a while in order to rest and take care of his health.

Geoff Neal plans to pause his career after losing at UFC on ESPN 24

“Well there goes another one lol. Felt really good in the first round and the second one was close. Even in defeat I’m still proud of this one as well. It was another honor to step in there with another crafty veteran in @neil_magny170. I’m probably gonna take some time away and take care of my health a little bit. My body hasn’t been right since I got sepsis last year. I’ve been dealing with off and on sickness and severe lack of energy since then. I almost pulled out of this fight last week because I was vomiting/diarrhea for 3 days and after having to rehydrate and replenish what my body lost I found myself sitting at 208 pounds exactly 1 week before weigh ins. But I got issues, so I said fuck it and cut 37 pounds in a week anyway. Lol Probably a super dangerous/stupid decision, but nothing great ever gets done trying to play it safe. 

Gonna go on my FIRST real vacation to Hawaii next week, come back, get some blood test done to figure out what’s going on with my body and I PROMISE you I will be back with a vengeance. Thanks to all my Coaches and teammates who helped my through this camp. And thanks again to @neil_magny170. That was a solid veteran performancewrote Geoff Neal.

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