Great and Terrible Jon Jones takes huge offense at old timer Stipe Miocic's 'running' accusations

Jon Jones made a triumphant return to the octagon at UFC 285 and moved up to the heavyweight division. His debut in the division was as convincing as a lifelong heavyweight as he finished No.1 contender Ciryl Gane in the very first round.

In the post-fight octagon interview, a gleeful Jones called out consensus heavyweight greatest of all time Stipe Miocic, and expressed his desire to prove himself against the former champion.

The two fighters then engaged in social media beef with Jones accusing Miocic of dodging him for the entirety of 2022. ‘Bones’ was met with a curt reply from Miocic, who promised a matchup in July.

In a recent appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, UFC president Dana White revealed that Jon Jones has not been in touch with him or the promotion.

“And poof, he’s gone again. Jon Jones goes back underground, and let me know when the Stipe fight is done. He is a fascinating, talented artist to deal with. I haven’t heard a word on him.”

The video was quoted by Stipe Miocic, who pointed out the irony and insinuated that it was Jones who was dodging him now.

Check out Miocic’s tweet and White’s comments below:

Jones hit right back:

“I lay low for a few weeks and then you convince yourself that I’m afraid of you. Ha whatever you need to tell yourself old timer”

Check out his tweet below:

Daniel Cormier reveals the reason behind the delay in booking Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic

Former heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier addressed the delay in the super fight getting booked on his YouTube channel.

Despite being Jon Jones‘ longtime rival, ‘DC’ stated that Jones has never been hesitant to go up against Miocic, rather it’s been the opposition camp that has posed negotiation troubles.

Cormier said:

“Last year, Stipe and Jon were supposed to fight. That was originally the first guy, and I heard, just through the rumor mill – and you can take it as such, just the rumor, I don’t know – was that Stipe was pricing out of the fight. Someone told me that for as long as we have been hearing Jon Jones rumors, Jones has always been willing to sign those bout agreements… I heard that it’s always been an issue on the Miocic side, in terms of the financial side of the equation, in terms of what he’s going to get paid to go into the fight with Jones.”

Check out Daniel Cormier’s full comments on YouTube below:

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