Harry Kane wants to leave Tottenham. This time everything is serious

Harry Kane seems to intend to leave north London after all. And this time the rumors are too close to the truth.

Harry Kane wants to leave Tottenham. This time everything is serious

Sky Sports and the Telegraph confirm that Kane wants to leave Tottenham and the club is already looking for a new striker. Harry doesn’t want to leave England. Among the contenders are Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea

Daniel Levy does not want to part with the striker and will do everything to keep him in the club.

What is the situation with the contract?

Harry Kane wants to leave Tottenham. This time everything is serious

Before the 2018 World Cup, Kane signed a contract until 2024. The Englishman’s weekly salary has doubled compared to the previous agreement (200 thousand pounds), and due to bonuses, Kane expected to have up to 15 million a year – this is the highest salary in the club, along with Tanguy Ndombele

The striker clearly believed that Tottenham’s best days were yet to come, especially given the successful 2017/18 campaign, with Mauricio Pochettino finishing third in the Premier League and reaching the FA Cup semi-finals. Kane himself also shone: he scored 41 goals in all tournaments (the Premier League had 30 of them).

After signing the contract, Kane said:
“I am looking forward to the future. It was fantastic to be in the Champions League all the time, so I am very happy to try it again, and in the Premier League and the FA Cup we will try to prove ourselves as best we can. “

But the team’s progress did not happen: Pochettino is gone, Tottenham at the end of the season will jump into the Europa League at best. Kane himself is doing well: the Englishman claims to be the top scorer, he was named the player of the season in the Premier League – however, according to the London Football Awards

In an interview with ESPN, Kane said:
“Individual awards are great, fantastic achievements. When my career comes to an end, I will look back and analyze it. Now my goal as a player is to win trophies with the team. Individual prizes are great, but I want to win big trophies with the team and we don’t. “

Kane could have left last summer: only Mourinho’s plan convinced him

Harry Kane wants to leave Tottenham. This time everything is serious

Kane’s era of spurs is almost over in the summer of 2020. Mourinho never jumped over his head after the departure of Pochettino (the team took only 6th place in the 2019/20 Premier League). The main contender for the Englishman was the same Manchester United (ESPN), but, according to Sky Spoorts, it was the conversation with Mourinho that stopped Harry’s move to Manchester

And in December it seemed that Kane had made the right decision: Spurs were at the head of the Premier League, and the team was in complete order with game discipline. But it was all over: Mourinho is no longer in the club, they lost the League Cup final (0: 1 against Manchester City). The obvious signal for Kane is to move on.

Kane has already hung a price tag: it seems that Harry will really stay in the Premier League

Harry Kane wants to leave Tottenham. This time everything is serious

According to The Telegraph, the president of Londoners Daniel Levy does not want to let the 27-year-old footballer go to another English club for less than £ 150 million.

The Times reports that Spurs have already received a request from Barcelona, ​​but the top priority for the striker himself is the Premier League clubs. Then Chelsea appears on the horizon, wanting to get involved in the championship race in the 2021/22 season, Manchester United, which is even ready to exchange for Anthony Martial (Daily Mail) and City, who said goodbye to Sergio Aguero

The interest of several clubs at once plays into the hands of Daniel Levy: you can bargain to the last and not give up a pound. English applicants will have to look for money despite the pandemic season

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