Hasbulla gave his prediction for the fight Islam Makhachev vs. Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 284

Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski are set to do battle in the main event of UFC 284 next weekend. The Dagestani is preparing to defend his lightweight title for the first time, while Volkanovski has aspirations of becoming a two-division UFC champion.

‘The Great’ and Makhachev are ranked No.1 and No.2 pound-for-pound, respectively, and many feel that predicting the fight is tougher than it seems. However, according to viral sensation Habulla Magomedov, the winner is clear.

The Russian was featured in a recent video produced by the Nelk Boys, during which he was asked to predict the UFC 284 main event. Hasbulla said this:

“I think Islam [Makhachev] is going to smash him. Because I already beat [Volkanovski] two times myself. Once I smashed a burger in his face, Islam isn’t going to feel him at all.”

Watch the video below:

Hasbulla sided with his friend ahead of UFC 284. Islam Makhachev and his camp have previously included the viral sensation in their post-fight celebrations in the octagon.

The burger-smashing incident that Hasbulla referred to took place last year during a collaboration between himself and Alexander Volkanovski. ‘The Great’ is known for his love of food, and has a YouTube segment called Cooking with Volk.

Volkanovski partnered with Hasbulla to film a burger-eating video, during which he pounced on ‘The Great’ and slammed a burger into his face. The video was uploaded to Volkanovski’s Instagram page:

“@hasbulla.hushetskiy does it again!!!”

Watch the video below:

Islam Makhachev predicts that Alexander Volkanovski will “give up” at UFC 284

Islam Makhachev will defend his title for the first time against Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 284. In the eyes of many, the Dagestani heads into the fight as the superior grappler whilst carrying a significant size and weight advantage.

Makhachev has welcomed Volkanovski’s move from featherweight to lightweight, but believes that ‘The Great’ will give up during their fight once he begins applying heavy pressure.

The lightweight champion spoke to Niko Pajarillo of Main Event and shared his prediction for the contest. He said this:

“If it’s not gonna be submission, then I’m gonna give him a hard time. Ground and pound, and when he feels like, ‘Oh this isn’t my division [anyway], I don’t want to take more damage.’ He is going to give up.”

Islam Makhachev has been touted as the second-coming of Khabib Nurmagomedov. The current lightweight champion has an evolved game that combines his striking and grappling incredibly effectively.

Many believe that he will reign over the division in a similar fashion to ‘The Eagle’, and display the Dagestani dominance that MMA has become familiar with.

Watch the interview below:

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