Henry Cejudo claims he'll finish Aljamain Sterling within 3 rounds

Henry Cejudo and Aljamain Sterling appear to be the next UFC bantamweight title fight, but the UFC has confirmed nothing.

‘Triple C’ has been retired since 2020, when he vacated the 135-pound title that Sterling currently holds. Cejudo has teased a comeback in the past, but none of his previous claims have appeared as serious as his recent assertions.

Cejudo is confident that he will defeat ‘Funk Master’ inside three rounds. ‘Triple C’ believes that Sterling’s ambition to move up a weight class is a sign that he has already lost hope of retaining his title.

Henry Cejudo recently released a video on YouTube discussing why the fight with ‘Funk Master’ hasn’t materialized yet:

“The ‘Chump’ is what I call Aljamain Sterling. Going out to Jamaica for a month, out there chasing girls, getting fat, sipping on Hennessy. Him talking about going up to 145 pounds, it lets you know where his attitude is. When I smell something like that, I know I’m finishing him. I know he ain’t going past three rounds.”

Henry Cejudo is a former Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling and could have the perfect style to defeat the grappling-heavy game plan employed by Sterling.

‘Triple C’ has defeated the biggest names to ever grace the lighter weight classes, such as Demetrious Johnson, Dominick Cruz and T.J. Dillashaw. With a victory against Sterling, he would add another name to an already incredible list.

Watch the video below from 3:20:

Henry Cejudo picks Cory Sandhagen to defeat Marlon Vera in their upcoming clash

Cory Sandhagen and Marlon Vera are set to face off in the main event of UFC Fight Night 219 in February. The bout is highly anticipated as many expect a stand-up war.

Henry Cejudo believes it would be a mistake for ‘Chito’ to try and outstrike a unique and expertly-skilled striker like Sandhagen.

In fact, ‘Triple C’ stated that if Vera fails to use his grappling effectively against ‘The Sandman’ in their upcoming fight, he would lose. Cejudo broke down the matchup on his YouTube channel:

“If you can’t outwrestle Cory Sandhagen, you’re in trouble. For ‘Chito’ Vera, I just think he’s just a journeyman. They only reach a certain point… If I had to bet, I have Cory Sandhagen by either stoppage or by unanimous decision.”

Watch the breakdown below from 3:25:

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